Play with time in Adobe Premiere Elements

In collaboration with Kalika Arora Tired of posting stills on your social networks? Try learning easy techniques to create short, innovative videos of your creative work and spice up your posts. Start off by screen-recording your creation on your device, step-by-step from scratch. Once you have the video clip, you’re ready to apply quick, fun edits […]

Adobe Premiere Elements 14.1 update

Fine-tuned and enhanced – the Premiere Elements 14.1 update has the latest feature enhancements and fixes for an even better video editing experience. Fade in and out both audio and video simultaneously In the Expert editor workspace, you can now choose to simultaneously Fade In and Out either the audio, video or both for a […]

Adobe Premiere Elements 13.1 update

Get the 13.1 update for Premiere Elements, and you get some nifty enhancements with useful fixes to make your video editing smoother. See sample text before using a font: A visually enhanced font selection interface lets you see what a font looks like, before you use it. The drop-down list displays sample text for each […]