Git on with Dreamweaver CC!

Are you a Dreamweaver user who has experienced frustration with issues like file overwrites, lost files, or updates being made to the wrong version of a file? No matter how efficient you are or how hard you try, it is virtually impossible to work without a good version control system. If you are a coder, […]

Create a full-height rectangle in Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse makes it easy to create elements that span the entire width of the browser. However, there isn’t an out-of-the box feature available to create an element with a 100% height. Using graphic styles and a little bit of code, you can create fluid elements that span the entire height of the browser, irrespective […]

Keyboard shortcuts

Nifty Dreamweaver keyboard shortcut printables

Web developers are always on the lookout for neat tips and tricks that will make the task of developing websites faster. And one way of doing just that is via keyboard shortcuts. Let’s face it – creating and maintaining a website is by no means an easy task. Sure, you’re not exactly exerting yourself physically, […]

Embed videos into your Adobe Muse site

Did you know that you can add videos to your web pages in Adobe Muse, without uploading them to Vimeo or YouTube? Read on to find the small snippet of code that does the magic for you. Make sure that the video you want to embed is in WebM or MP4 format. These formats work […]

Previewing your code changes in real time

Getting the most out of Dreamweaver’s Code Editor

Dreamweaver CC 2017 is packed full with coding tools that can enhance your productivity, and speed up the processing of developing websites. Here are some tips that you can use to code efficiently and without errors in Dreamweaver. Declutter your workspace If you are coding using the Standard workspace offered by Dreamweaver, switch to the […]

Dreamweaver and CSS preprocessors

Using a CSS preprocessor to produce cleaner and easy-to-maintain CSS is fast-becoming a web design norm. Specifically, if you are creating large websites that reference a number of CSS files, using CSS preprocessors like Sass, Less, or SCSS can reduce a lot of manual coding and copy/paste. If you are not familiar with CSS preprocessors, […]

Introducing Adobe Muse CC 2017

The Adobe Muse team is excited to announce the release of Adobe Muse CC 2017. This release brings in several enhancements such as support for Google reCAPTCHA v2, support for animations in CC Libraries, Power Zoom, and more. Read on to know more on some of these features. Support for Google reCAPTCHA v2 Adobe Muse […]