by Kaushal Mall


January 2, 2019

Submission window for AEM Rockstar 2020 NA is now closed.

…and just like that, we are back for another year! Join us in Las Vegas at Adobe SUMMIT 2020 for one of the most popular sessions 3 years running.

When Darin & Kaushal came up with the idea of AEMRockstar, they had one goal in mind: Give the vast AEM community a platform to show off their chops! If the last three years are any indication, the AEM Community loves AEMRockstar, and so do we!

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Format Refresher

Below is a quick refresher on how things work.

  1. We ask that you submit your AEM (really, Adobe Experience Cloud) tips & tricks using this FORM before January 31, 2020. Submit as many ideas as you want.
  2. After submissions close, the AEMRockstar team will diligently go through each of the submissions and pick our semi finalists.
  3. We then setup a quick call with each of the semi finalist to go over their submission, let you ask questions and go over the session details.
  4. After having talked to all the semi finalists, we pick the finalists who get invited to Las Vegas to present their submission, including a live demo to the session attendees & a judging panel of Adobe heavy hitters, including last years winner, Mark Adamcin, should he choose to accept his mission.
  5. We only pay for your SUMMIT pass, but you are responsible for travel costs and handling all the fame that comes with being an AEMRockstar!

2019 Recap

  • The 2019 AEM Rockstar session was dedicated to Feike, we still miss you buddy.

  • It was the first year we held AEM Rockstar at the EMEA SUMMIT in addition to the NA SUMMIT
  • We had 85 submissions and the following individuals were selected as finalists.
    1. Mark Adamcin
    2. Ryan Dellolio & Chris Howard
    3. Dan Klco
    4. Shivangi Malot
  • Over 400 people attended the session at Adobe SUMMIT
  • Our esteemed judging panel was
    1. Jean-Michel Pittet – VP, Engineering, AEM
    2. Cedric Huesler – Director, Product Management, AEM
    3. Ruben Reusser – 2018 AEM Rockstar finalist.
  • And they chose Mark Adamcin and his submission of OakPAL as the winner. You can read more about his submission here. Mark walked away with a swanky new Glion electric scooter!
  • Survey callouts
    • Over 80% of the attendees would recommend AEMRockstar to their peers.
    • Over 82% said that it either met or exceeded their expectations.
  • Social Media highlights

#AEMRockstar Twitter Search

Tips for submission

  • AEM Rockstar 2020 Submission Guide
  • The live demos last year were a HIT! Please think about how your submission will demo
  • Submissions that cover multiple Adobe Experience Cloud offerings tend to do better with the varied audience and the judges
  • Are you solving a problem that others deal with it as well? You’d be surprised how common the problem you are facing is and how you can help the community
  • Would it make people go “WOW!”?
  • Using older tools/versions are not favored by the judges (avoid classic UI if you want to win)
  • Look at past year’s submissions and winners
  • Are you willing to open source your submission?
  • Lastly, KISS!

To be considered, all you have to do is SUBMIT your idea. We are looking for all things Adobe Experience Cloud! When you submit, please make sure you provide your complete shipping address, that ways we can send you the brand new AEMRockstar sticker. We had quite a few stickers returned last year.

The fine print

  • Adobe employees are not eligible to submit
  • You have to be willing to open source your submission before the SUMMIT session
  • The finalists are responsible for paying for their own travel and lodging. The AEMRockstar team only pays for your SUMMIT pass
  • Last year’s (2019) finalists are not eligible to submit