The new is live!

We are excited to introduce the newest version of The service now features:

  • Easily share files: You can now work together across organizations without the hassle of using ftp servers or worrying about e-mailing large files.
  • Access anywhere, anytime: Any Internet-connected computer or supported smartphone gives you real-time access to all of their files on
  • Real-time collaboration: You can easily conduct Web meetings from Macs or PCs with Adobe ConnectNow.
  • Enhanced productivity: With applications such as Adobe Buzzword®, you can easily work together to co-author and obtain feedback on documents, without the need for multiple versions.

Check out the new here and get updates and feedback firsthand from the team at:


  1. Sanjul

    Is there any easy way in which can share highlighted line/ tag them. We need to title, logical name, identified lines and reuse them.