Adobe Embraces Wind Energy

Wind Turbines 010.jpgAdobe’s triple LEED® platinum corporate headquarters has a new addition – 20 Windspire® wind turbines. The Windspires have been installed on Adobe’s 6th floor patio which doubles as the rooftop garden above the parking garage. The Windspires will generate renewable energy through the “wind tunnel” that exists between Adobe’s three downtown San Jose towers. The Windspires stand 30-feet tall and operate on a vertical axis, which differs from traditional propeller-style wind turbines. The Windspires will help offset energy use and add an interesting aesthetic to Adobe’s state-of-the-art facilities.

A variety of news outlets have covered the Windspire installation, including Adobe’s local NBC affiliate. You can view the story here.


  1. GreenRon

    Congratulations to this innovative form of windtubines. I just know the propeller-style ones. This one i almost could not identify as a turbine. It would be interesting to know how much electrical power they supply (50 kW each?), but anyway its a project i really like!