Review of Day 1 at Davos

Did not get a chance to attend many sessions – Social Networking panel discussion this morning was interesting, but it is clear that no one quite understands how the growth of social networks is really going to impact corporate behavior. Don Tapscott gave example of Best Buy as a company that really uses the power of Community to drive their customer support – I am going to try to spend some time with the CEO to understand better what their strategy is.

Interesting meetings with the large Indian SIs and outsourcers (Cognizant, TCS) as they are very aggressively investing in more resources and headcount in India. Met with George Colony of Forrester who understands the concept that Adobe is transforming user experience in enterprise applications and wants to hear more.

Most interesting conversation of the day was with Bob Kimmitt of Deloitte, former Deputy Treasury Secretary to Hank Paulson and my boss at Commerce One (President and COO there) – Bob sees a tremendous game of chicken with China coming down the road as they seek to list their companies abroad but aren’t willing to play by the corporate rules of other nations. There is a tremendous polarization that has happened based on Google’s response to China, and it will be interesting to hear more of the discussion tonight at the dinner.

Signing off…

SVP/GM, Business Productivity Solutions, Adobe

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