New features added to Adobe BrowserLab today

Today Adobe released an update to BrowserLab, the web hosted service that lets designers view and test web site designs on multiple browsers and operating systems for compatibility before publishing. New features delivered in this release include the ability to save locally so that screenshot renderings generated by BrowserLab, in either 1-up or 2-up views, can now be saved as jpeg files on a local hard drive for easy reference or sharing with clients and colleagues. The update also includes Dreamweaver Extensions that have been added for enhanced integration with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4browserlab.png.

Currently a free service, Adobe BrowserLab has continued to grow in popularity since it first became available as a public beta in June 2009. Other new features include:

  • New Browser Support — Adding Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 3.0, Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5 to the current list of supported browsers;
  • Rulers and Guides — Providing users more precision with rulers on the X and Y axes, as well as movable guides;
  • Move and Pan — Enabling users to move to any area of a screenshot; and
  • Screenshot Delay — Allowing users to pause rendering of a screenshot by up to 10 seconds for video-based content which requires time to let content load