SF Treasurer’s Office Takes Business Tax Filing Online with Adobe LiveCycle

The San Francisco Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector discussed its new online tax filing system for businesses in an announcement (.pdf) today. Our Government team posted to its blog about it, as well. And the San Francisco Chronicle ran a related item this morning, too.

The new system combines the Office’s Registration Renewal Form and Payroll Expense Tax Statement into one online process. It provides a clear and more user-friendly way for businesses to complete forms with guided entries, automated calculations and fewer questions to answer.

Based on Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, the system also enables the Treasurer’s Office to capture, process and store tax form data with high accuracy in a workflow that’s expected to deliver some significant productivity enhancements.

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  1. Smarter Finances

    wow!This is more easy than the usual. Most of the people might have an easy access of this in which they could do this through online. Some would have the change to be updated not be delayed with paying.