John Warnock Keynotes on the Future of Digital Media

warnockphoto.jpgOn Tuesday, Adobe co-founder and co-Chairman of the Board John Warnock delivered a rare opening keynote address at the PushButton Summit 2010 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, sponsored by Grow Utah Ventures.

In his keynote, “Trends in Digital Media Technology,” John addressed the transforming landscape of consumer media, including newspapers, books, magazines, film, music and television. He also discussed the rapid changes in advertising, and how those are helping to fuel (or not) the successful transition of these media industries. Check out the Deseret News story recapping the keynote as well as John’s history in the digital publishing industry.

John brought digital media trends to life through a handful of demos, including a demo of the new digital WIRED magazine accessed on a touchscreen TV as well as mobile devices featuring content running on Flash and AIR. John’s call to action to the audience: understand and embrace the new business models that digital media offer, or risk being left behind as these innovations advance.


  1. Matt

    The case of Wired is certainly a precarious one. Like with other tech mags, the readers of which are likely to know how to go online, Wired will soon have an even bigger presence online, I think. Possibly paid content? When I was in England on holidays I was reading a PC mag, and the editor’s letter said something about the magazine thereafter not publishing general tech news and mainly providing hard-to-come-by (but useful) tutorials and so on. I think it’s a great idea, because by the time mags are published the news are somewhat out of date and may have had several important updates. That’s why it’s better to get it online. We’ll see how the industry plays out over the next few years