Hey, We’ve Launched an iPad App – Adobe Ideas

Holy Digital Publishing Platform Wars Batman, Adobe has launched a cool new application for iPad!!! Yes it’s true, a brand new piece of software — Adobe Ideas — is now available on the Apple iTunes App store:


Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook, letting you capture and explore ideas anywhere you go — an ideal companion for the professional design applications from Adobe, such as Illustrator or Photoshop. You know, you’re down at Starbucks gulping a Plenta, see a lady in a red pashmina* shawl, blue dress and sporting an afro……and decide that she is your creative muse. Happens all the time. See below for details:


The redoubtable John Nack is taking your feedback, from the open-minded and the zealot alike, over on his blog: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/

* I only know about pashmina because my wife is in the fashion biz.


  1. Ben

    That looks like a great app.
    The perfect app that should be available on every single iPad.
    Unfortunately, the rest of the world will have to way few extra week before giving you a feedback !

  2. Angel Lamuno

    Adobe ideas is a great start. Versions of AI, APS, and specially ALR would be fantastic!

    If ALR is better than Apple’s own Aperture, which shows that Adobe can do as well if not better that anyone else on OS X, I don’t see why we should not see these desired applications for the iPad rather sooner than later.

    BTW, the initial proportion between Keynote for iPad’s and Keynote for Mac’s functionalities seems to be just right. Go for the essentials and make them shine. Take heart Adobe!

  3. Rodger

    Great app! Need instruction manual to know if user is missing any useful features not readily apparent.

  4. eco_bach

    Great stuff! Would be better if it were actually created using Flash CS5.
    Touch based applications like this that allow users to interactively create, rather than passively consume, might convince me to actually get an iPad. I watch enough TV as it is;)

  5. John Gerard

    I use Photoshop, Premiere pro, etc. I have not used the app. describe here. I will give it a try when I get an Ipad. I would like to see photoshop on the ipad but notjust ports over but redsigned to take advantage of the multitouch screen and other feature such as the accelormitter (spelling). I am typing this on an iPhone. I am using some drawing/photo apps on the iPhone and I see some protential there but the screen is just to small.

  6. Maurdel

    Wünderbar! It’s what the iPad was made for. I agree with Rodger that a document or some sort of exposition describing usage is needed.

  7. Barb

    Please provide instructions. So far I love it -need to know more

  8. Russell Brady

    For those folks asking about instructions for Adobe Ideas, the product manager has posted a video. First of a series I believe. Apologies for late response — issues with my Movable Type account!

  9. Michael

    trying to get support for this wonderful app. my issue seems to be that saved images from email received on the iPad cannot be loaded into Ideas. The gui shows the preview thumbnail, but doesn’t load the image… any thoughts?

  10. Stuart

    Great app! Would be great (and correct me if I’m wrong) if I could draw a picture and then insert it into Pages document. At the moment it appears as though Pages doesn’t recognize it (tried to email picture and then saving the image and then inserting the image, Pages wouldn’t recognize it).

  11. Antonio Gambale

    So it’s been weeks now that Adobe Ideas is available for download on the US app store… but not in other countries.. Unless I’m mistaken, there’s pretty much no reason for this. I can’t install it because I happen to be in France and don’t have a US credit card.

    I really hope we aren’t waiting just because Adobe thinks apps need to be translated into different languages first.. there are plenty of internationals living and working all over the world who are native english speakers, so I really don’t get what the delay is about.

    Hopefully it’ll be present on all the itunes stores soon?

  12. Claudia Wey

    Adobe Ideas is a great drawing application, plus it is free, which makes it a must download. Give it a serious try – I actually discover this app while looking on it more in depth while writing this review, and this is, now, one of my favorite apps! And don’t forget to zoom, while you are sketching, which for me was the key of success.
    I have posted a full review on my blog:
    Adobe Ideas Review

  13. Fee

    I use this on my iPod Touch, and I love it! However, I’d love to see a version available for android (if there is one and I’m just more blind than I thought I was, please point me to it). So far, there isn’t anything on the platform that works as well for what I need to do.

  14. Russell Brady

    I asked the product team and they definitely want to support other platforms down the line. No timing yet but once I hear I’ll post an update on this.

  15. Russell Brady

    Thanks for taking the time to review the product Claudia. Appreciate the heads-up.

  16. Russell Brady

    Antonio. Let me check on international availability. I must admit, I’m not really up to speed on the approval process for apps. I’ll find out if we have to submit it for approvals internationally.

  17. Megan Page

    I work in Design and would love to see Illustrator and Photoshop for the I-pad. It only makes sense right?!

  18. Adrian

    Please make an Adobe Acrobat app for the iPad.

    I hate all of the other PDF editing apps out there!!!

  19. Harry

    Great start!

    But I couldn’t find any mention of this or any other Adobe iPhone or iPad app on Adobe’s main site, even after I specifically searched for it! If I were a major shareholder in Adobe stock, I’d be a bit upset about that.

    Also, it would be fantastic if you created an app for the iPad specifically for reviewing and marking up artwork (JPEGs, PDFs, etc.) — Something simple. I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

    Good going so far though!

  20. Louis

    Great app, however since the created,edited resultant PDF file can only be exported via email it has some limitations. You should consider configuring it to work with DropBox.com so that files can be uploaded via secure transfer to a secure encrypted cloud platform, especially if ADobe Ideas is used for confidential business purposes. Additionally, it should allow the base file to be a PDF file in addition to a JPG file.

  21. Tony Kambourakis

    Any chance of you enabling video out? It would be great to draw whilst plugged into a project so others in a meeting room can see what I’m drawing.

    I actually am considering using this to quickly draw UML diagrams.

    Even better would be to have some software running on my laptop that receives drawing data from this app so I can then screen share to many people over the Internet.

  22. Mike M

    Nice, but needs a “help” document or site to help one explore and understand the features. How do I find the pics created in this app in other apps? For instance, what if I want to send one of the pics created in a text message? How?

  23. petethebeard

    Hi, it would be great if I could open and edit .ai files, or even better why not just make an Illustrator App! That would make a lot of us designers very happy indeed : )

  24. Druido

    +1 for video out: I’d pay for projector support!

    And left-handed people would like the toolbar on the right!

  25. António Júlio Sousa

    Everything is great about this app except (and this is a really big downturn) it doesn’t have palm protection. You can’t rest your palm over your iPad and just draw something with your stylus… It just don’t work that naturally… 🙁 too bad!!

  26. Angela

    I’ve been an Adobe user since Illustrator first came out and I was so hoping this product could be my link between my iPad and my Design Suite on my Mac; however, I am sorely disappointed. Sadly, there are at least three other vector drawing programs available for the iPad and all three blow this product out of the water. IMHO, Adobe is seriously losing ground here and has not taken the iPad designers into account by treating the iPad as a toy instead of an important new design tool.

  27. Preia

    I can not find this on iTunes. Even using the link doesn’t work. Any ideas.

  28. Russell

    Hi Preia. It should be back up in a couple of days. It’s being reconfigured for latest iPad. Sorry about the delay.

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