Unveiling the all new Creative Suite 5!

You know for a supposedly slothful company, Adobe sure launches a lot of products. Monday April 12 sees us announce the Creative Suite 5 product line: that’s five suites, 15 point-products, and a whole bunch of online services for creatives.


We’re hosting an online launch event at 8am PDT on April 12. Sign up and check it out here. And if you’re already convinced, pre-order your CS5 products here. We plan to begin shipping CS5 within 30 days.

With CS5 we’re taking our creative products in a new direction: this release includes the first steps of our product integration with Omniture, bringing sophisticated online analytics into the heart of the creative process. But we know we still have to wow everyone with stunning creative tools in any CS release and over 250 new features are packed into CS5 products. These include the astonishing new Content Aware Fill and Puppet Warp features in Photoshop CS5 that have been all-the-rage on the web, as we sneaked them over the last couple of weeks.

Our engineers really are magicians, true wizards if you will – and it’s a global effort: teams in San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, Folsom, San Diego, Richardson, Arden Hills, Newton, Ottawa, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Bucharest, Noida, Bangalore, Beijing, Tokyo — and many other remote sites – all contributed to this launch.

Anyhoo, a few of us lucky PRmeisters and assorted Adobe civilians are at NAB trade show in Las Vegas this week, where we’ll see at first hand customer reaction to CS5 – or at least Production Premium CS5, our video toolset. The Mercury Playback Engine is already getting a lot of buzz from our beta reviewers and Premiere Pro is going to give Final Cut Pro users pause to think. Only kidding Apple fan-boys, competition is a good thing and the basis of our capitalist economy!

So welcome CS5. It’s one of the great truisms of public relations that it’s easier to do PR for great products than horrible ones! There, all you aspiring communications professionals have learned something new today.

If you’re at the NAB trade show, come and check Adobe CS5 products out at Booth SL3320.


  1. Russell Brady

    Thanks Anand — we’ll take all-comers…be they fan-boy, zealot….or merely the slightly perturbed. And of course the 99.9999999999999% who don’t really care about all this stuff. 🙂

  2. Timo Sand

    This is really nice. Though it kinda stings me, that I just bought CS4 like a month ago :S

  3. Russell Brady

    Felix. You made my day. You know, when you write press releases for a living, and say stuff like “worldwide creative community”, it kind of makes it all worthwhile when one of your first pieces of feedback comes from Indonesia.

  4. Russell Brady

    Hi Timo. Finland….one of my favourite Euro destinations and home of my over 35 football team’s redoubtable right-back. Anyhoo….please contact your local customer support regarding this issue. They are able to work through stuff like this.


  5. Martin

    Great upgrade guys ! Keep doing your great work ! We’ll buy 4 copies of Design Premium here ! We support you !

  6. NookSurfer

    Very nice! I’m glad to see that they’re consistently improving their products. Anyone know the difference between CS4 and CS5?

  7. Simon

    CS6 for Linux please! Free us from the tyranny of Steves. That would be PR.

  8. Russell Brady

    Yes, as the genius of John Lennon reminds us……all you need is love

  9. william

    Greet job man.With CS5 launch, you guys made incredible ‘magician’ work. I only say “excellent”. When it will be published?

  10. Perry

    Surely, the photoshop users will be very glad about this. Adobe Creative Suite 5. Since it has a 64 bit versions of CS5, where CS3 doesn’t have. It’s just good to know that Adobe is immensely improving their stuff. If you know CS3, you would have no trouble using CS5.

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  12. Gianna Terrel

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  13. Tony B.

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find information on this site on how to add links into a pdf created by Adobe Photoshop? I have looked all over for this and checked out youtube videos, but cant find any information on it. Basically I have been using Photoshop to make my catalog, found here.. http://www.primetimeprintonline.com/item_catalog.html How can I make links for photoshop in my pdf file? Is this possible with photoshop?

Russell Brady

Russell Brady is director, campaign marketing at Adobe – supporting Document Cloud. He is a 15 year veteran at Adobe, working primarily in communications on behalf of Adobe’s creative products. Russell also worked in public relations for eBay and Apple.

Russell Brady