Flash Platform News from Google I/O

As Paul Betlem, Sr. Director, Flash Player Engineering wrote on the Player team blog, “today represents an exciting milestone for the Flash Platform” as we move forward with three major developments:

1. The official launch of the public beta release of Flash Player 10.1 on Android-based devices. Read about the release

2. A prerelease program for developers to start building apps on AIR for Android. Learn more and sign up

3. Flash Player 10.1 will be on Google TV. Read about the news and watch it in action

There has been strong developer enthusiasm around Flash Player and AIR for Android devices, and this is just the beginning – in the months ahead we’ll see many of our Open Screen Project partners start launching new devices with Flash technology. As designers and developers start digging into the newest tools, such as Flash Builder and Flash Professional CS5, we’re going to see a new wave of rich content and apps across desktops, mobile phones, televisions, and other consumer electronics. We can’t wait to see all the innovations ahead!


  1. Mark

    A Metamorphosis with Adobe Tools
    Seeing how quickly Dreamweaver added the Html 5 Extension Pack for CS5 one can see that Adobe tools are going through a radical metamorphosis.

    (A moth becomes a beautifully transformed html5 butterfly – Ha Ha)

    Google TV, VP8 and Android support on the one end and html5 tools on the other in synch with the W3C’s Html5 progress.

    I’m sure once future versions of flash start pushing out more html5 goodies the misinformed masses will rush back wanting to catch that beautifully transformed html5 butterfly.

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Matt Rozen. @mattyroze