HTTP Dynamic Streaming and Open Source Media Framework – now available

At Streaming Media East, we showcased HTTP Dynamic Streaming, a new protocol that expands content delivery for the Adobe Flash Platform, and the Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) to accelerate development of custom media players. Today, both products are immediately available for free download.

OSMF 1.0
Open Source Media Framework 1.0, which is available for download at, is an open framework for building custom media players. The initiative was started more than a year ago to give developers a simple way to create high-quality and full-featured playback experiences through flexible plug-ins.

OSMF allows developers to assemble, rather than code, new player functionality by using best-in-class code base built on open standards and supported development best practices by leading players. Developers have more time to focus on custom features and the overall user experience, while simultaneously reducing production time and costs.

Multiple partners are already providing plug-ins for OSMF, including advertising, analytics, content delivery and platform services companies Adap-tv, Akamai, Anvato, Conviva, Edgecast, FreeWheel, GlanceGuide, KIckApps, Level 3Limelight Networks, MediaMelon, Omniture (an Adobe company), Podaddies, Quantcast, ScanScout, Streaming Media Hosting, Tremor Media Videoplaza, and YuMe.

HTTP Dynamic Streaming
Adobe’s new HTTP Dynamic Streaming builds on the success of Adobe’s Flash Platform for the delivery of streaming content, offering content publishers, distributors and developers an additional choice for high-quality media delivery.

This new delivery method provides the flexibility to leverage HTTP network infrastructures and standard Web server hardware to deliver rich media experiences on a massive scale. HTTP Dynamic Streaming includes integration of content protection powered by Flash Access 2.0 software, allowing publishers to encrypt and apply business rules to their premium video content for both live and Video on Demand (VOD).

HTTP Dynamic Streaming continues the Flash Platform’s support of high-quality media codecs, including H.264 and VP6, and all the use cases that media companies rely on, including high quality live and recorded media with adaptive bit-rate and network DVR support to the Flash player.

If you’d like to learn more about these solutions or see video interviews with some of our leading partners discussing how we’re collaborating to bring these solutions to market, please look to the social media press release.