Demonstrates Its Digital Marketing Street Smarts

As a trendsetting footwear site, is the place to turn when it comes to outfitting your overworked tootsies in the latest fashions. But did you know that the retailer is also a shining example of digital marketing proficiency? Because its website serves as an important research, browsing and purchasing channel for its customers, the brand is zealously committed to providing the best online experience possible. The Omniture Online Marketing Suite is a key part of its strategy. is leveraging the Omniture Suite in order to gain access to real-time, actionable analytics data and to define distinct visitor segments. After defining segments, it can deliver more relevant and personalized content on its website and within marketing emails. In fact, after running several different tests targeting homepage content to distinct visitor segments, the company was able to boost conversions by over 7% and revenue per visitor (RPV) by more than 8% in just three days. See the full Success Story here.

Targeting a holiday promo “countdown” message to visitors reaching the homepage from related marketing emails increased conversion and RPV.
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