Omniture Innovation

Since Omniture was founded in 1996, we’ve always been a fast-paced, driven and innovative company. Along the way, Omniture has succeeded in outwitting, out-executing and outmaneuvering an impressive number of competitors. Every employee at Omniture has strived towards a common goal – let’s be the best in making our customers successful and the rest will take care of itself. Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture has not changed our goal or our strategy to achieve this goal – we remain focused on ensuring that our customers are always successful, and we march towards that goal with the same spirit of competitiveness and excellence in everything we do.

With the resources and commitment of Adobe behind us, we are more confident than ever that we can continue to out-innovate and out-execute our competition. Just nine months after the acquisition, there are some healthy signs of our increased momentum.

Today we are making two important announcements. First, the Omniture Online Marketing Suite is now rebranded to the Adobe® Online Marketing Suite, powered by Omniture®. While Omniture has established itself as the leader in online marketing, Adobe’s brand is recognized worldwide by marketers in every industry and geography.2510.landing.marketing_suiteSecond, we continue to innovate and extend the Online Marketing Suite as the face of online marketing continues to evolve. Since Omniture was acquired by Adobe, we announced our groundbreaking partnership with Facebook to help marketers optimize the social network giant as a marketing channel; advancements in mobile video measurement; real-time optimization of mobile applications; a new display advertising solution and the ability to buy ads on Facebook that target your key audiences; and several initial integrations with Adobe Creative Suite 5. Today, we announced several enhancements to the Online Marketing Suite around social media and mobile analytics that help our customers win in the market.

Customers are increasingly seeing the unique business value of the Online Marketing Suite. The suite integrates online analytics with conversion and visitor acquisition solutions that can immediately act on the insights derived from the analytics. The result is the optimization of a company’s digital interactions, be they on a website, a landing page, on a social media forum, in an email, a click on a display ad, an interaction on a mobile device or viewing a video online. The world of how customers interact with businesses is changing. We spend every minute of every waking hour of each day to better understand and optimize your online presence.

While we are committed to integrating Omniture’s analytics and optimization technology further with Adobe’s creative solutions, the Online Marketing Suite will continue to evolve and advance as a standalone platform. You don’t have to be a joint customer of Adobe and Omniture to leverage the power of the suite of products from either business. However, as we continue to innovate around the integration of our technologies, more and more companies that use both products will derive incremental value from those integrations.

The Online Marketing Suite is alive and well and continues to provide some of the most advanced, cutting-edge and innovative solutions for marketers to transform their businesses and create the experiences their customers want. We expect to maintain (and grow) our market leadership under the Adobe umbrella and are, still, fanatically committed to listening to our customers and providing them with the solutions that will drive their digital marketing efforts forward.

How do you see the world of online marketing changing? I’d love to hear your thoughts.