Adobe Youth Voices Teachers “Go Back to School” …Early!

Adobe Youth Voices held in-depth training sessions this July and early August for Educators, Mentors and Coordinators eager to begin training and planning for the upcoming school year.  The trainings are designed to prepare educators for teaching students the technical aspects of creating videos and digital art, but are also facilitated in an environment that keeps them engaged and inspired and fosters sharing and learning from their peers and in some cases, students!

One of many trainings this summer hosted educators in the Boston area from EdCo Youth Alternative, Spontaneous Celebrations, Artist for Humanities, and Ferryway Middle. The teachers were asked to put themselves in the shoes of the youth in the Adobe Youth Voices program. In a condensed three day period,  educators  had to brainstorm topics, work in groups, and create a video about something they are passionate about. At the end of the institute, they showcased their work to a group of twenty five youth who are participants in the Adobe Youth Voices program. Youth offered critique to the educators.

Hillary Kolos, educator from the Boston area, commented – “Some of the highlights of the project included creating an exhibition plan which included choosing an outreach partner, creating a postcard and program for the event, and an activity that would engage the audience in the subject matter of the video.  The teachers and students had a great time challenging each other with ideas and came away excited about kicking off the new school year with the program.”

In addition to the Summer Institute this year, Adobe Youth Voices launched a training specifically for “Lead Educators.” Teachers, Mentors and Coordinators in the Adobe Youth Voices program, around the world from traditional schools sites, after-school programs and alternative schools, that have gone above and beyond in their commitment to teaching the program to their students.  The objective of the training is for the Lead Educators to learn new curriculum, provide insight into ongoing program development based on their creative and innovative ways of implementation and to help train and mentor others in the program.

“We are excited that these very dedicated teachers, mentors and coordinators participated in the trainings this year, said Patricia Cogley, program manager for Adobe Youth Voices. “They are seriously committed to engaging their students and helping them learn and we are just as committed to providing them with the tools to do so.”


  1. Ira

    It’s very good that teachers improve their skills. This will allow learning to become more efficient