Great News for Developers

Apple’s announcement today that it has lifted restrictions on its third-party developer guidelines has direct implications for Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature in the Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool. This feature was created to enable Flash developers to quickly and easily deliver applications for iOS devices. The feature is available for developers to use today in Flash Professional CS5, and we will now resume development work on this feature for future releases.

This is great news for developers and we’re hearing from our developer community that Packager apps are already being approved for the App Store. We do want to point out that Apple’s restriction on Flash content running in the browser on iOS devices remains in place.

Adobe will continue to work to bring full web browsing with Flash Player 10.1 as well as standalone applications on AIR to a broad range of devices, working with key industry partners including Google, HTC, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Palm/HP, RIM, Samsung and others.


  1. miChou

    I cannot help but wonder… what prevents Apple to change their mind once again? They have proved time and again they’re very good at timing their decisions 🙁

  2. Omar Gonzalez

    Great news to hear that iphone package development will now continue. Hopefully its updated to work similar to the Android approach, because AIR for Android dev is pretty slick.

  3. Kams

    Great News !! But why is Microsoft missing from the partners? Last time I heard Adobe was working with MS to make Flash part of the Windows Phone 7 release.

  4. Twitter Guy

    Way to keep things political by bringing Flash into the discussion. News isn’t quite the same without a healthy dose of rhetoric!

    If you want to get into it, when is Adobe going to open source Flash? Let’s face it, it’s a proprietary plugin, and is no more a part of the “full web” than Silverlight.

  5. ChrisTurvey

    It looks like one those 37 followers I have on Twitter has been listening and got those terms of service changed.

  6. jsr

    Even though I’d rather have Adobe tell Apple to just f-off,
    there are alot of developers who will benefit from
    Adobe resuming work on this. Keep making great products.

  7. jinishans

    It’s all about Apple releasing their restrictions whenever there’s a viable competition from another vendor.

    Yesterday only the news came about Android’s going to take 50% of the mobile market share soon ( and WPhone 7 is around the cornet, every mobile phone manufacturer is releasing their version of it daily.

    I feel Apple is relaxing mainly to contain the Android market share.

    Dont’ be surprised to see down the line they might allow other Phone manufacturers to buy A4 chip from Apple, license iOS and release their branded iPhone.

  8. reelfernandes

    Glad to see this. Send a PR Team to Apple, gently show them 10.1, and listen to what Apple needs to approve webplugins for mobile Safari. You guys rock!!!

  9. TheDarkIn1978

    yawn. my developer license for iOS expired and i certainly wasn’t going to renew it. there is still have to pay for a license, wait in line to have your work scrutinized by some apple employee. personally, i’ll continue to focus on Android OS for mobile development.

  10. Question-Man

    I wonder why there is a packager for iOs to run apps directly on iOs, but ‘only’ the Air method for Android, so you have to install the Air runtime first?!

  11. simo tasia

    @GARY FUNK Yeah, riiiiight, you just go on thinking that. Meanwhile this professional who uses Apple stuff takes advantage of this announcement to up his profits.

    @CHAD UDELL Sweet app. That’ll come in handy!

  12. KolNedra

    Good to see apple came around.
    But I have to say, if it comes to building iOS apps I still prefer using Interface Builder / Xcode / cocoa / objective-c. Performance, and framework-wise.

  13. Chris

    Well, well. Now that android air is in final beta, you guys became mobile standard for developers over night. Congrats.

  14. Andrew Morton

    It is always kind of funny to see the reaction of Flash-centric developers believing that everything in this world revolves only around their clunky runtime. Apple hasn’t done this to have Flash back in but not too loose developers using Unity and others which provided the AppStore with some remarkable games and applications. Unfortunately they cannot have all other 3rd party devtools without including the abomination delivered under the name of “iPhone Packager”, so Flash got back in as a “collateral damage” rather than a “please come back”.

  15. Flavio


  16. Rich

    Good news – and should be interesting if Adobe can put something together that’s a realistic cross platform solution. I worry about memory management, something the flash community has little experience with. Hopefully that can be something we see a lot of writing about!

    Twitter guy – the Flash platform IS open source. Adobe’s Flash creation software isn’t, but the plugin is. Anyone can write their own development environment, and people have in the past (think Swift3D, Swish etc). The whole proprietary thing was part of the slew of misinformation when all this erupted a few months ago. Silverlight is open source too! Be careful what you read!

  17. Richard

    Hopefully now Adobe won’t bring out CS6 next week, and CS7 the month after, and make none of them backward compatible with any previous version!

  18. Ozren

    It was about time !!!!! Great news. Maybe next year Flash will be in Safari too 😉

    I wonder, what prevents Firefox Home for iOS (Mobile verzion) to implement 10.1 ?

  19. sdfsdf

    I would not be so optimistic about this. As we have seen with Apple it can change its mind every week.

  20. Werd

    Great now just open source flash so we don’t have to be in this mess again, oh and please fix up another download manager to put on my windows machine! It loves it!!! :/

  21. D_gital

    Not really such great news. Adobe is quite rightly happy, as it can inflate its pockets by overcharging people on licensing. It accuses Apple of having a closed platform, Adobe does just the same with proprietary software – this is not such great news for developers after all.

    Flash is not optimised for mobile devices, I have an Android device and Flash is just horrible, not to mention that it crashes browsers and is resource taxing software.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have been a fan of Flash for the past 10 years, but do really think that it is time for something new and am putting all my efforts on HTML5.

    I am disappointed with Apple.

  22. christian

    Looks like the new policy would allow to have VM included in the app itself. Why not focus instead on the VM instead of this as3 to native code conversion (sure the innovation in one can already help the other but still it’s the VM which since in need of a bit more love).

  23. Tony Arnold

    > Wonderful! Apple app development is basically the sole reason I’m learning flash right now

    @Steve Lam – why would you learn Flash to make iPhone apps? Surely if that’s your goal you would learn Cocoa Touch?

  24. iPad Blog

    Finally some light, Apple must have understood that there are companies as well which can also provide a feature on the iOS Devices if they themselves are unable to do so.

  25. Guillermo Pared

    I think Adobe should continue with its plan to support development on Android. After that Apple put the shit in the face with his restrictions and sat down to laugh, Adobe cry like a child and go to Google. and now Adobe celebrates the release of restrictions.

    Adobe shows now who is who has the power!

    Tengan un poco de COJONES COÑO!!



  26. ProDesignTools

    Encouraging news that maybe we developers and end-users don’t have to be stuck in the middle anymore…

    Also hopeful that if Apple is capable of rethinking and changing their position on Flash-built apps for the better good, maybe on another morning we’ll wake up to Flash Player 10.1 running on iPhone/iPad as well. Anything becomes possible.

  27. Gregory from Eden Studios

    This is fantastic news!!

    Flash, with its intuitive content creation and fast development turnaround, is far from dieing!!

    Way to go Adobe!

    Apple, I don’t hate you anymore. Maybe its for me to go get an iPhone.

  28. Stephane

    Very Good News,
    will Adobe deliver an Application iPad Packager soon ?
    Tomorrow or Monday will match my client needs 🙂

  29. George

    I would appreciate it when flash runs in an iPad. This one is more interesting to Apple, not really for developers.

  30. Ben Dodson

    “Wonderful! Apple app development is basically the sole reason I’m learning flash right now.”

    If iPhone development is the sole reason you are learning Flash, why don’t you just learn Objective-C….?

  31. Daniel Jackson

    Steve Jobs – Eat your hat!
    Great news – maybe we can get on with making great content now!

    Computers are for creativity not for coding for the sake of coding. Code is for doing things not for looking at.

    If it works and is fast great. If it’s slow and doesn’t do anything interesting then get rid of it. Simple.

    A walled garden is no good for anyone, particularly those inside it.

  32. Girish

    That’s great news. Hopefully we can read post on flash running on iOS browser soon. I see that coming too,

  33. Ryan

    “Apple has very little impact on the working world.”

    Yes, that must be why JPMorgan Chase and UBS, a couple of the largest banks around, are reportedly looking into allowing employees to use iPhones (as well as Android phones) for their corporate email, according to a story by Bloomberg today.

  34. Aaron Kurtz

    Great – so where’s Flash 10.1 for the Nokia N900? I mean, you guys demoed it, why hasn’t it been released?

  35. actionCODER

    To be honest, I don’t care anymore what apple does with their iOS. Apple broke my heart as a developer. I have become an ANDROID Developer and as that I will remain and support.

    real story is this one : the real story is this one ” analysts say competition from Google’s(NMS:GOOG) Android mobile operating system — and concerns about greater antitrust scrutiny –and Apple’s reputation taken a hit— also played a role in Steve Jobs backing down “

  36. ASRules

    Thanks for holding your principled ground.

    Good Luck and make Flash Rock on all platforms.

  37. Magnus

    Suddenly it looks like I won’t be out of a job! Just got my head around AS3, not in vain after all…

  38. Oluseyi

    No, Flash is not open source. There is a limited, incomplete specification that is freely available, but the source code to Adobe’s Flash player runtime is not available to anyone, nor can any outside party contribute fixed. There are no other Flash plugin implementations either; there’s Gnash, but it’s far from a usable replacement, yet. The existence of alternative IDEs and SWF compilers has no bearing on the open source or not status of Flash.

    Marketshare is relevant in a mature market where innovations are absorbed and have no impact on average selling price. The smartphone market occupied by iOS and Android is anything BUT a mature market – even with no change in marketshare, all participants should continue to see growth in absolute numbers through the next 5 years or more – so it would be extremely premature for Apple to start hedging bets on the basis of protecting marketshare or preventing its erosion. Plus, given that “Android marketshare” is actually a very diffuse collection of distinct subsets (by handset vendor and Android version – some 3-month old phones aren’t being updated to FroYo by carriers, and 65% of Android phones out there currently DON’T run any 2.x version of Android), I think the “threat” is grossly overstated.

    A far more likely reason for this turnaround is Adobe’s FTC complaint against Apple, and a (rational) desire to avoid legal action.

    You know who else changes their minds, and may change them in the future? Governments. I guess you’d better not do that thing that is currently legal, because they may ban it tomorrow!

    Less sarcastically, anyone who is a developer (or is in business) has to deal with changing licensing terms and regulatory environments as a matter of fact. The emotional-type responses are the hallmarks of dabbling hobbyists.


    This is good news. Now let’s see what Flash developers bring to the table… or tablet. 😛

  39. Chris

    @Magnus, my work load for AS3 is more than I can handle right now. I don’t know where you’re located, but there’s still plenty of work here in southern CA.

    Besides, if you know AS3, understanding other languages isn’t that much of a stretch.

    Anyways, Flash has way too many advantages over AJAX — AS3 being a big one — that ensure it will be sometime before it’s no longer viable.

  40. Steve Lam

    @Tony Arnold because flash cs5 is part of my multimedia design program that I have to take. I wasn’t really looking forward to it until the second day of class when the news about this dropped.

  41. Tibi

    Screw apple!

    This decision was made because of android!

    After Mr. Steve said that flash is outdated now it says that it is fine to use it, you know what I will never touch an apple product again this is for sure. If it was it for Mr. Jobs everybody should code in Objective C use HTML5 and use only MAC, well Mr. Jobs guess what you are so wrong!

  42. Erwan

    Awesome! This promises an even brighter future for all flash professionals…

  43. pTymN

    Having spent my life programming games, it is such excellent news that I may be able to release my game on the iPad, while working in an environment that is actually geared to make game programming easy. I love love love the APIs that Adobe has for Flash/Flex, they are easy to understand and use. The last time I was as productive was when I used QuickBasic. 😛

  44. Danilo

    VERY nice indeed. I was wondering though, is possible to also build AS3-based applications for the iPhone that can receive Push Notifications??

  45. Michelangelo

    according to Adobe’s Packager for iPhone:Developer FAQ there are restrictions on Microphone Access.
    This restrictions are still present?
    Thanks in advance

  46. Jen

    Anyone interested in a long term contract in the NYC/NJ areas? I’m in need of a CS5 Guru with Flash/Flex Builder project experience in a large financial environment. Email: for immediate consideration. Thanks!!!

  47. Manuel


  48. Steve

    All the programming benefits are great, however, as an end consumer, when will flash be supported so that flash based web sites will play on my iPad?

    Can’t watch Comcast XFinity, or ESPN or CBS….. Really takes away from the whole iPad experience and makes me want to go buy a PC tablet.

  49. Mayur Shah

    Good news

    Now we can workout with our 5 pending iphone apps with flash cs5 based as well looking more supportive flash cs5 with iphone, ipad

    Really this is great news

    Thanks for sharing here

  50. Robert Kent

    I think the Flash community should organize a boycott of all Apple products until Apple allows Flash in the browser.

    I bought an Android tablet (Nook Color, rooted) just because of this. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Android does everything IOS does and more. I haven’t touched my iPod Touch in months.

  51. LIC Thane

    I believe the Flash community should arrange a boycott of Apple products right until Apple enables Flash in the browser.

    I purchased an Android tablet just due to this. It is among the best choices I have ever made. Android does almost everything IOS does and much more. I have not touched my iPod Touch in several weeks.