Salesforce Chatter Desktop is Here today announced Chatter 2, the company’s next generation of enterprise social collaboration, with capabilities built on the Flash Platform. Powered by Adobe AIR, Chatter Desktop delivers a new way to experience and contribute to Chatter across multiple platforms without opening a web browser. With Chatter Desktop, employees can post updates, comments, files, links, and can even filter the feed by group. It also displays pop-up alerts at the bottom of the computer screen so employees are instantly notified of important updates within their Chatter network. This enterprise app was built with Adobe Flash Builder for, a developer tool created by the two companies to enable rich cross-platform desktop and browser based applications that run on Check it out:


  1. sandeep

    Hi friends,

    we have developed an arabic web application using Adobe Flex SDK 3.2 and flash player 10. The appearence of arabic text is unreadble on Mac systems, but it is accurate on windows systems.

    Please help us by giving a solution for proper apperence of arabic text on Mac Systems.