Students In Uganda Meet The President!

On Tuesday, October 5th, students from two of our Adobe Youth Voices partner sites in Uganda had the opportunity to display their work at the World Teachers Day Celebration, which included an extra special guest: the President of Uganda!

The students chose to highlight their work on two important subjects facing their society: the prevalence of child abuse, as well as the effects of climate change on their country. By creating and showcasing this work, the students hoped to sensitize their communities to these issues and to serve as a catalyst for change.

We caught up with four of our students after the meeting, to hear more about their work with Adobe Youth Voices, their experiences at World Teachers Day, and what it was like to meet the president of their country. Here is what they had to say:

Bukirwa Rhamulah
“A handshake with [the President] made a big difference in my life. I was so happy and felt like flying even without wings!”

Maham Saeed
“Getting an opportunity to show our works to the president was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life! And it was a great thing that we were going to show the president what Adobe Youth Voices was doing for the community.

“I advise all the other youth to always produce their media with all their hearts…[and] never give up on getting their voices heard – that way their media will get to all the audiences they intended it to go to.”

Namubiru Isabella
“Having my work and my views on issues in my society go as far the president of the nation was such a delight and memorable experience that I pride myself on and will always live to remember.”

Nazziwa Esther Rebecca
“When we received the invitation, I only marveled. I was very happy to know that at last we were moving a step higher in the broadcasting of our media. The president is the highest authority in our country, and showing him our work was a great step in casting our nets wider. There were also other teachers from all over the country present to see our work, which was also a great achievement because I believe that teachers play a great part in shaping the future generation, which these issues directly concern.”

* * * * *

We are so proud of our students and excited that they had such an amazing opportunity to share their work and make their voices heard!

Stacey Long
Program Manager
Adobe Youth Voices


  1. namubiru isabella

    I am so happy that my work to be on the Adobe. I am so pleased. Thank you.

  2. chebet

    congs to our own girls for having their views heard by such a high profile person. many wish to do that but hardly be their. keep working Esther, Isabella and others