Neil Hoosier and Associates uses Adobe Connect to train insurance professionals across the country

nha_finalNeil Hoosier II of Neil Hoosier and Associates(NHA), told  us recently that Adobe Connect helps his firm live up to its government contract for insurance training by enabling the company to reach thousands of insurance professionals instantly with important information about Medicare and Medicaid. With the Adobe solution, NHA can produce and deliver rich online training sessions, meetings, and webinars that insurance pros can access right from their computers, from any location. Adobe Connect lets NHA reuse existing content to reduce the time needed to create new, updated content. In addition, the Adobe solution integrates with NHA’s existing learning management system (LMS) to help the company monitor and report on monthly attendance and the results of quizzes and exams. Hoosier says that Adobe Connect has helped his firm better meet its contractual obligations and to provide a higher level of service to its customers, which translates to happier—and more successful—customers. Read the full story here!


  1. Marilyn Pitfido

    Adobe pops up on my computer saying I have to buy the Adobe 8.
    everyone I know has it free, but mine is continually blocked with the pop-up. This has gone on for nearly 3 years. There are 4 or 5 icons on my computer where Adobe tried to fix it on the telephone, but they couldn’t either, I am now accustomed to not having it, and now I want to know how to get those stupid non-working icons off my screen…..especially the pop-up.

    Marilyn Pitfido

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Marilyn,

    Sorry to hear about the repeated issue – the support team is aware and will reach out to you soon to see how they can help.

    Thank you for your patience!