Rob Tarkoff Talks Customer Experience Management at Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Capture.PN14GRob Tarkoff, SVP & GM of Digital Enterprise Solutions, spoke at Enterprise 2.0 conference yesterday morning, where he discussed the latest in enterprise transformation around customer experiences, and the importance of delivering superior interactions with customers across all channels.  Rob blogged his thoughts on the conference buzz and shares why Adobe is leading the march towards customer experience management.

Read Rob’s blog here.  Tell us what you think!

Sandra Lo

Sr. Manager, Public Relations, Digital Enterprise Solution Sandra Lo is responsible for public relations and social communications for Adobe's Customer Experience Management platform. With more than 14 years of experience in corporate communications, Lo has led public relations programs at, Macromedia, and TechTV. Lo holds a B.A. in Ethnic Studies and Political Science from University of California, Berkeley, and a M.A. in Communications Management from University of Southern California. A passionate sports fan, Lo is a 10-year Fantasy Football veteran (2 time champion!) and loves the San Francisco 49ers and Giants. She also is an active member of several Bay Area dog rescues. Lo considers herself a social customer and finds herself most loyal to businesses that not only personalizes all interactions with her, from face-face to mobile, but proactively responds to her needs and questions across social channels. Lo believes that a customer should never have to search too hard for an answer. That said, her favorite brand is