Andy Jones Inspires Students With His Passion

Guest post by Kate Busby

Here’s a little about Andy Jones from St Charles Roman Catholic Sixth Form College. He is like a backbone to Adobe Youth Voices London, one of the core educators who kept the project alive and kicking back when it was piloted in the UK three years ago.

Andy is a bit like London’s own Gregg Witkin, another Adobe Youth Voices icon, except that the two have never met: both are natural speakers, with an incredible enthusiasm and natural aptitude for teaching, which leads them very easily to have a whole-hearted investment in the program.

In Andy’s words, “Adobe Youth Voices is a lot more than pedagogical; because there is no specific assessment criteria or ticking boxes, the education the young people receive is unrestricted and incredibly enriching.”

In addition to regularly inspiring the masses, Andy is sometimes found writing textbooks to be distributed nationwide about media for Palgrade Publishers or teaching new media to future stars of the British film industry (Bafta award-winning director Noel Clarke, anyone?).

Having known his creative partner, Brighton-based photographer Tom Wichelow, for fourteen years, but never quite finding the right opportunity to rope him in to an artistic collaboration, Adobe Youth Voices came along and gave him exactly that chance. This is the fourth year that the two have been working fruitfully on the project together now, guiding the St Charles students as they research, recover and then express their family heritage in photographs.

This year, the participants are currently producing projects with two foci: stories of migration coupled with images of transition. They will be exhibited in what looks to be another moving and sensitive showcase at the British Film Institute as part of Adobe Youth Voices London Live from March 14th-16th, 2011.

Kate Busby
Adobe Youth Voices Master Educator