Flash Player 10.1 Now at 85% Penetration

The December 2010 Flash Player penetration study is in:

– 85.3% of people in mature markets are using the current version, Flash Player 10.1
– 87.4% in US/Canada and 86.2% in Europe
– 82.4% in emerging markets

The September 2010 Flash Player 10.1 penetration numbers broke all the previous rate records with 74% mature market penetration in just 3 months. The December 2010 study validates those statistics: as FP 10.1 penetration in mature markets is now over 85% and over 82% in emerging markets. At this rate, Flash Player 10.1 is expected to be at over 90% penetration before summer.

Visit the Flash Player team blog for more details on why we perform the studies, how they are completed, and why they are so important to developers.