Adobe Museum of Digital Media Raises the Curtain on John Maeda: Atoms + Bits = the neue Craft (ABC)

When we launched the Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) last October, we aspired to create the world’s premiere showcase for digital art and media. The unique dynamic between digital and traditional creativity serves as the focal point of the newest AMDM exhibit which we’re excited to unveil this week.

John Maeda: Atoms + Bits = the neue Craft (ABC) is the AMDM’s second featured exhibit. It’s an interactive lecture led by world-renowned designer and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) president John Maeda. In the exhibition, Maeda discusses how today’s designers are connecting the worlds of digital creativity and analog (or handcrafted) creativity. The digitally-rich exhibit also features scenes from RISD design studios – including its textile, glass blowing and print press workshops. According to Maeda, the creative experiences that take place these environments – and the traditional tools designers use to create them – have a direct influence on the tools used and experiences enabled by the digital artists and designers of today.

This relationship between experience and design and the lessons the traditional art world offer the digital design world are something we’re keenly aware of at Adobe. And it’s one of the many reasons we’re tremendously proud to welcome this new exhibit to the museum.

John Maeda: Atoms + Bits = the neue Craft (ABC) will be showing through the end of 2011. It’s accessible online, anytime, and around the world at Please stop by, enjoy the new exhibit and let us know what you think.

RISD President John Maeda leads his virtual lecture in the AMDM.

Ann Lewnes, Executive Vice President and CMO

Ann watched too much TV as a kid. This admission and her passion for creativity and media still drive her as Adobe’s CMO and are reflected in Adobe’s groundbreaking marketing campaigns. Creativity is only half the equation, as under Ann’s leadership, Adobe’s marketing organization has pioneered the shift to digital — deploying a comprehensive set of digital marketing solutions, establishing an insight-driven culture, and setting a template for marketing’s strategic impact on business. Prior to Adobe, Ann spent 20 years building the Intel brand as a VP of Marketing. Ann serves on the boards of Mattel and the Ad Council. In 2015, Ad Age named Ann to The Creativity 50, a list honoring the most creative people of the year. Despite all this, she still watches too much TV. If Ann were not at Adobe, she’d be a roadie for a band.

Ann Lewnes, Executive Vice President and CMO