Adobe Seattle Earns “Platinum” Certification from US Green Building Council

We’re proud to announce that Adobe’s Seattle office facility, located in the Fremont area of Seattle, has been certified at platinum level under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program of the U.S. Green Building Council.  This accolade, the highest honor under the LEED program, marks Adobe’s 11th LEED certification overall – nine at platinum level, two at gold – and furthers Adobe’s reputation as a corporate leader in green and sustainable operations.

The path to certification included programs to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and optimize water usage.  Specific improvements included installing an EvapoTranspiration (ET) Controller to monitor irrigation efficiency and water use; a software system to allow for Web-based and real-time energy monitoring of the building; and replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs to reduce energy use

I’d like to congratulate and commend the Seattle facilities team and our partners at building management firm Cushman & Wakefield who, together, successfully undertook the two-year project to certify the Seattle site – along with Adobe Seattle employees overall, whose efforts to create more sustainable, “greener” operations helped to achieve this important recognition.  We hope our efforts inspire other organizations that lease or own properties and want to make a difference by conserving and/or recycling precious resources.

If you’d like to follow happenings at our Seattle site, please check out the dedicated Adobe Seattle Facebook page.


  1. Beverly B

    I want to start out by saying “congratulations” on earning your platinum certification from LEEDS. My employer, DeCA achieved 2010 Green Store Certification for FY09. DeCA has an energy management team that are proficient in planning and monitoring energy, environmental and water concerns.They used an internet based data monitoring system, that allowed them to monitor the energy in over 200 of our facilities. This allowed Federal Government on Fort Lee, VA to save $2.7 million in energy, water and gas emissions costs. With any company Going Green, it gives other companies a footprint on how to improve efficiency by reducing the cost of utilities and conserving energy with LED bulbs, recycling water, similar to your EvapoTranspirator (ET) system. I know how important it is for companies to ensure they have an environmentally safe and profitable workplace. At the same time, investing by Going Green allows companies to streamline their budget. It also means a higher return on investment for the company. This gives companies the ability to be successful with sustaining goals on energy conservation. It also allows them to continue energy efficient improvements. Great example of leading the way Adobe.

  2. techeXams

    Excellent Article I would like to congradulate and praise the seattle facilities I really happy that you announced Adobe’s Seattle office facility it is nice one and Adobe’s 11th LEED certification is very best program by Adobe this certification program is very helpful”All the best to Adobe certification”