Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tool on Adobe Labs

For those who saw Adobe demo a new tool codenamed “Wallaby” at MAX last October, it’s now available on Adobe Labs, where it was released today. Wallaby is an Adobe AIR application that allows designers and developers to convert Adobe Flash Professional files into HTML5 with a simple drag and drop of the mouse, quickly and easily expanding the distribution of creative content across platforms.  Wallaby is a glimpse at the type of innovations we are making in Flash and HTML5, both imperative technologies that we will continue investing in for the long-term.

This experimental technology has been released on Adobe Labs in response to feedback from customers who said they wanted access to it after seeing it demoed at MAX. We invite customers to download Wallaby, try out the code it generates, and provide feedback on how they are using it to create simple animations like banner ads and translating graphical content. User response to the Wallaby technology preview will enable us to better understand how we can continue to support customers who want to reduce their learning curve for HTML5 development while leveraging the tools and skills they have today and reach users across more devices than ever.

Wallaby has a very simple UI and provides a path for users to input existing .FLA files and export HTML5 code. Users can then leverage their programming skills to further edit or optimize the code generated. Wallaby’s conversion to HTML5 allows content created in Flash Professional to be viewed within browsers running the WebKit rendering engine, including Google Chrome and Safari on iOS devices iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

With more than 3 million Flash developers in the creative community we continue to look for new ways to help them build on their existing skills and look for new ways to make their content available to the widest possible audiences. The wider the audience, the greater the opportunities to build business around digital content.

Users can access the Wallaby preview technology for free today on Adobe Labs.


  1. Julian Kussman

    Where can I see a really cool looking demo like the image you posted? Most of my stuff I test is all AS3 based, so no-go.

  2. Haki Karer Taylan

    Well played Adobe, well played.
    If this tool is working like it’s supposed to be it can increase Adobe Flash sales as Flash is easier to use than HTML5 canvas and Javascript.
    Also ads on iPhone will still be displayed this way.

  3. Divakarla Srinivas

    Using this can I convert my old AS2 Flash projects in to HTML 5?

  4. Cindy

    Je possede un cell. Samsung Intensity….U450…HOW I LOOK THe VIDEOS…(I have a smart card on my phone!) MERCI…THANKS YOU!!! xx 🙂


    I am exicited about HTML5 but Flash can do all these things html5 can do in a better way.Creating slideshow in HTML5! wow! what, flash did that 10 years ago! It is very easy to create a flash animation, for example a ball bouncing in flash professional in less than am minute. Javascript is a mess when compared to AS3.

  6. Lisa

    What happened to Wallaby? Just wanted to try it out and now its gone to be replaced by something that will only work with CS6? What about us CS5 users who cannot upgrade yet? There are STUDENTS and Teachers out there who have to buy the whole suite over again because we are not allowed to just upgrade. I’m extremely upset because this JUST changed within the last few days or so and I’m finding NOTHING on what happened and what CS5 users are supposed to do! We need answers Adobe! Common courtesy would dictate that you at least put out some sort of info, and if you have already done that, NO ONE can find it!

  7. Cat

    Maybe you guys should take the Wallaby tutorials down. Or put out some info explaining that Wallaby is no longer available. I just wasted over an hour trying to learn it and find it.