Adobe & the Customer Experience Professionals Association

We are pleased to announce that Adobe is a proud sponsor and founding member in the newly formed Customer Experience Professionals Organization.

Responding to a greatly increased need for a centralized and interactive community that brings together the growing field of all those who develop, manage, optimize and envision how organizations interact with their customers, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) launched today with a number of leading companies signed as Founding Corporate Members and Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors.

CXPA ( is a global industry trade group whose members are responsible for creating and maintaining an overall positive customer experience – a vital objective for any organization that offers products or services for sale. CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field by providing research and education, establishing standards, offering networking and career opportunities, promoting the industry and creating a better understanding of the discipline of customer experience.

The mission of this new organization is essentially directly in line with where we are going as a company, both in terms of how we serve our customers and in our enterprise platform roadmap where we continue to deliver and enable outstanding experiences for the customers and employees of our enterprise partners and customers.

The Customer Experience Professionals Association is a global, non-profit organization that supports the professional development of its members by enhancing networking, providing research and education, establishing standards, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of customer experience.

Governed by a Board of Directors to be drawn from its membership, CXPA is led by Bruce Temkin, co-founder and chair, and Jeanne Bliss, co-founder and vice chair – pioneers in the customer experience field that have a deep understanding of the roots of this burgeoning industry and a keen shared vision of its future.

  • There are many customer experience networking groups, but the industry has hit a stage where it needs a single, collective voice to map its evolution
  • Help customer experience professionals embed customer experience management skill sets across their organization
  • To identify standards and best practice approaches and transfer those skills across the industry
  • To ensure that customer experience management continues to generate a vibrant set of opportunities for customer experience practitioners

The CXPA recognizes that there is an ecosystem of customer experience professionals which includes companies that are committed to customer experience, individual professionals who are committed to customer experience, and vendors that help companies improve their customer experience. So there are membership options for all of those constituents.

Recognizing the inherent value CXPA offers ‒ and the critical, strategic impact customer experience has to their organizations ‒ the new association has already attracted a number of leading companies that have signed as either Founding Corporate Members, sponsors, or both.

We are proud to share the Founding Corporate member status in this new effort alongside other prominent ecosystem players such as Confirmit, Cox Communications, EMC Corporation, Fidelity Investments, Mindshare Technologies, RightNow Technologies, Safeco Insurance, SAP, Strativity Group, Symantec, Tealeaf Technology, Sapient Nitro and Universal Mind.

“We are excited at the opportunity to be one of the first companies to be at the industry table contributing to the conversation around this growing practice area,” said Rob Tarkoff, SVP of Digital Enterprise Solutions at Adobe. “Customer experience is important in so many ways to Adobe, in our work with our customers, and within the digital enterprise solutions and platform that we have built to optimize customer experience.”

Read more about the association online here.  You can also view the original post on the Adobe Customer Experience Management blog.

Ben Watson, Principal, Customer Experience at Adobe. @bitpakkit.

Ben Watson

Principal, Customer Experience Ben Watson is a principal in the newly formed customer marketing team for the Digital Enterprise Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. Ben’s responsible for working across the Adobe organization to optimize the enterprise customer journey and provide customer input to help define Adobe’s industry leading customer experience solutions and CEM platform. Ben is a recognized thought leader and is directly engaged in many customer experience initiatives with Adobe’s leading customers. Previously Ben held the title of Principal, Enterprise User Experience and was responsible for both increasing awareness of the role of UX in enterprise and marketing as well as the LiveCycle Enterprise RIA product suite. While at Adobe he has been a energetic advocate within community and social media circles and was one of the first external Adobe bloggers. He has worked in both platform and enterprise marketing and lead the creation of the role of technical evangelism and the team at Adobe in its formation several years ago. Prior to joining Adobe, Watson served as director of user experience and BPM strategy at IMP Solutions, director of product strategy for Yahoo! and the senior manager for developer and platform evangelism at Microsoft. Before joining Microsoft, he spent several years in the advertising agency and publishing space in varied roles such as creative director and CTO and has worked on campaigns and internet strategy for many of the world's top brands. In 2008, he was honored as one of Canada’s Top 10 Men in Social Media. Positioning Statement - You can't avoid having a customer experience, but as a rule we avoid repeating the bad ones. Stop focusing on messaging and instead enter into many open and parallel conversations about what people need or want. Don't just close the deal but instead do what it takes to build a successful customer and a loyal advocate every time. Rethink the notion of channel and how technology can break silos instead of reinforcing them in the way it has to date. Recognize that product roadmaps, brands and systems are your world as a marketer or product or technology professional, but the customer lives at the centre of their world surrounded by constantly changing options. Spend wisely, recognizing that advertising is the only impression that fails to leave one most of the time. Companies that embrace this approach find themselves surrounded by loyal advocates that truly empower and support them to grow their market share and continuously shape and define their product or brand.