Introducing Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Product Family

Adobe has announced a significant update to Creative Suite, with the unveiling of our first mid-cycle release: Creative Suite 5.5.  This is part of a new release strategy, where we’re moving out our milestone releases (such as CS3, CS4, CS5) to a two-year cycle. Mid-cycle releases will keep designers and developers ahead of technology changes, such as the mobile communications revolution (tablets!) that is radically altering how content is consumed and created.

Some highlights from CS5.5….

  • For Web folks: huge updates to HTML5 and Adobe Flash authoring tools, enabling designers and developers to deliver mobile applications on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, iOS and other platforms — and create rich browser-based content across screens. All the big HTML5 checkboxes are ticked in Dreamweaver CS5.5: jQuery mobile framework integration for browser-based content, PhoneGap’s in, as well as WebKit engine updates.  We’ve also launched Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Premium and the Flex 4.5 framework now includes mobile support.   Now hundreds of millions of mobile devices can be targeted with content and apps, created through our web tools.  Remember, Adobe tools support the development of both HTML and Flash content, don’t let crazy headlines make you think otherwise.
  • For Design and Publishing jocks: Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium suite builds upon Adobe’s recent product innovations in digital publishing. Using InDesign CS5.5 designers can add new levels of interactivity to their page layouts targeted to tablet devices.  Documents can include video, audio, panoramic views, 360-degree object rotation, pan and zoom of images, integration of HTML and HTML5 content and other interactive overlays.  Creative Suite 5.5 is tightly integrated with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to support publication, sale and analysis of content on iPad, Android tablets and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • For video and audio peeps: Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium suite delivers awesome performance, workflow improvements, creative innovations, and powerful new audio editing capabilities that build upon the huge customer momentum Production Premium is experiencing with broadcasters, filmmakers and video professionals. The powerful Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, introduced in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, broadens its graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware support to include laptops and more supported cards, allowing users to open projects faster, get real-time feedback and work more smoothly at higher resolutions.  If you’re at NAB this week in Las Vegas, come check out the buzz at the Adobe booth, where our evangelical video wolverine Jason Levine and others will be demoing to packed audiences.   Also at NAB, we’re hosting a panel with some great young filmmakers, including Gareth Edwards (Monsters) and Tyler Nelsen (The Social Network) on Tuesday.  I’ll be at the booth as well, so stop by, say hi and we’ll hit the tables later.
  • Holy tablet-revolution Batman!  Today also sees Adobe extend the creative process beyond the desktop by helping integrate tablet devices into creative workflows.  The new Adobe Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to build tablet applications that interact with Photoshop from Android, BlackBerry PlayBook and iOS devices.  Adobe also announced three new iPad applications that demonstrate the creative possibilities of using tablets to drive common Photoshop workflows – Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop, Adobe Eazel for Photoshop and Adobe Nav for Photoshop. Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is our policy to turbo-charge Photoshop’s integration into the tablet revolution, comrades.  Unlike some companies we think tablets are here to stay and creatives want to use them for their work.

And one more thing. Today also sees Adobe debut an affordable and flexible subscription-based pricing plan, attractive to customers that want to get current and stay current on Creative Suite products, have project–based needs, or try the software for the first time. New Subscription Editions ensure customers are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software, without the upfront cost of full pricing. With subscription pricing customers can use flagship products, such as Adobe Photoshop for as little as US$29 per month, Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 for US$89 per month, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection for US$129 per month.   Yup, for less than your monthly Starbucks bill (or at least mine) you can have all of Adobe’s creative tools at your fingertips.  I’m a tall-non-fat-wet-cap kinda guy, if you have to know.

Check out Adobe TV for video tours of our new CS5.5 family.  And if you still don’t believe us, one of our execs, Johnny Loiacano has summarized all this news in his own video.

All this software goodness will ship in early May but you can pre-order today.



  1. reelfernandes

    The subscription model is interesting. What happens when you unsubscribe, do the apps stop running or are you only locked out of future updates?

  2. Amanda B

    What does this mean for those who are just looking to upgrade? About what price point are we looking at? I have the Master Collection that I’ve had for about year now…

  3. Peter King

    How does this affect the Australian customers who are already on the subscription-based pricing plan?

    Do we get upgraded to the Master suite?

  4. Eduardo Moura

    The new features are really interesting and welcome, and so is the news about the mid-cycle updates and the new subscription plan. About that, will the subscribed version be the same on store or will there be a somewhat limited version of it specially for subscription?
    Also, can I upgrade to a subscription version from a full one? For example, now I own InDesign CS5. Can I upgrade to a subscription version of CS5.5?

  5. Matthew D

    Will you be offering upgrade pricing for those who own the Student/Teacher version of CS5?

  6. Stu

    Interested in the monthly subscriptions as well. Though, surprised you never went the whole ten yards and added a PayAsYouGo like scenario as well(?) Bill like $2 or 3 for a single day’s use of an app.

    Makes more sense for contractors that don’t use all the tools all of the time, then we’d have an exact figure to bill / tax record per project use.

  7. Chris

    If I buy CS5.5 now and within 6 or 9 months CS6 is released do I get a free upgrade?

  8. Cory Braden

    So, subscription sounds cool at first glance, but when I do the math, it’s a really bad deal. For example, let’s say, as mentioned above that full release cycles are around 2 years now. I currently have Web Premium 5 so to upgrade to 5.5 will be $399. That’s $33.25/month and the subscription fee is $89/month (and that’s if I commit to a year. much higher if I go month to month)

    Assuming I do the same thing next year for CS6, probably around the same price, I’m staying up to date for a fraction of the cost, and if I ever decide to skip a release, yeah, it may cost me a little more to catch up, but at least my software won’t turn into a pumpkin. Am I missing something, or was this pricing model not designed in my best interest?

  9. Nathan

    Great ! Awesome updates.. looking forward to work with these upgraded products.. 😉

  10. Russell Brady

    Hi David – contact your local Adobe customer service folks. If you are in USA, call: 1-800-833-6687

  11. Russell Brady

    Hi Cory – subscriptions are really targeted at customers who want flexibility, dip in and out of the software. So for more up-to-date customers (like yourself) choosing to upgrade makes economic sense

  12. Russell Brady

    Chris – CS5.5 is part of a new release cadence. 2 years between “milestone” releases (CS3, CS4, CS5 etc), so you can expect our next milestone release (CS6????) in about a year. There will be upgrade pricing from CS5.5 to the next version.

  13. Russell Brady

    Stu – interesting thoughts on the Pay-as-you-go. Let me share with the team!

  14. Russell Brady

    Matthew – yes, education pricing is available. Speak to you local friendly reseller or the folks at store.

  15. Russell Brady

    Eduardo. Yes, you can purchase subscriptions. Subscriptions is actually very attractive for folks who have a single point product and want to upgrade to a suite, such as Design Premium CS5.5, which has the new version of InDesign in it.

  16. Russell Brady

    Hi Peter – I’m checking with the team but it should be simple. Will let you know when I hear back.

  17. joi

    I JUST purchased the student version of design premium within the last two weeks…so frustrating, Any possibility of updates since the purchase was so recent?

  18. Russell Brady

    Hi Peter. I checked with the team. Here’s what they told me:

    If you are a current subscriber in Australia, you will be receiving an email from Adobe that provides all of the details of what is happening to your subscription plan and the various options available to you. Here is an FAQ that includes all of the details.

  19. Russell Brady

    Joi – not sure where in the world you’re from but the best thing to do is to contact your local Adobe customer support folks. They can usually sort out issues like this. In USA, the number is: 1-800-833-6687.

  20. Ben

    So this really isn’t a “full” product releasing, only an update to the current CS5 software? Why should users have to pay for an update? In this economy, you should be giving this update to existing customers of CS5. MS added this support to their Expression suite (as a FREE update), why can’t Adobe? This is going to be the last version of Adobe CS I own.

  21. John

    I have to agree with Ben. Normally we depend on updates to bring them up to speed until it’s time for a new full product release. You’ve simply abandoned your product users and created a mid cycle new product release.

    Feels more like you left out a lot from CS5 and jammed it into CS5.5 leaving us in the dust trying to force us to upgrade twice as often. In case you haven’t notice the global economy is broken. This is not the time for a blatant cash grab. Let me know when you have a full cycle release with CS6 and I’ll consider it.

  22. Allan

    “Affordable” pricing on the subscription versions? Not when they start at $70+ a month in the UK.

  23. joi

    So I called and was told I could pay 399 for it..It didn’t matter that I had just made the purchase. Customer support was really not very supportive. I have always believed in supporting Adobe buying legal products, but things like this make me see why people don’t bother doing that. I agree that updates should be included up to full product releases. It is so frustrating.

  24. Russell Brady

    Ben. This is a mid-cycle release and we’re adding substantial value to suites in terms of new features.

  25. Russell Brady

    John. Were tablets all-the-rage when we launched CS5? Did Android have as much momentum as it does today? Have both tablet and Android iterated since April 2010? Were Nvidia’s GPUs as powerful a year ago as they are today. We’re in a competitive space and it Adobe didn’t invest its engineering resources in keeping our customers up-to-date, we’d be out of business. The pace of technology change quickens. We have to be ahead of that if customers are going to deliver content and apps across these new devices.

  26. Russell Brady

    Joi – I will forward your case onto our customer support team. If you just bought you should be fine.

  27. Graig

    Wow – anybody who complains about the unreasonable upgrade cost gets their post removed.

    When Adobe writes in the 5.5 FAQ that “customers have been consulted closely on pricing decisions and have indicated an eagerness to upgrade at the proposed prices”, I guess the people who don’t like getting ripped off had their comments removed/ignored.

  28. Russell Brady

    Graig. Not sure it was a great idea to talk about pirating the software. That’s why I removed it. You’re certainly free to voice your opinion but would be a good idea to keep it civil and legal.

  29. Graig

    Russell, the reality is that there are many individuals like myself who have made the very large investment in Adobe’s products. The vast majority of people using Adobe’s products have not made that investment. By moving to a shorter upgrade cycle at a both a higher per-upgrade cost AND a much higher yearly cost, Adobe might squeeze more money out of it’s corporate clients, but simultaneously alienates pretty much the entire paying user base. Do i feel enough loyalty to a company that is trying to pull this kind of maneuver to continue to pay for their products? Adobe should be rewarding people who pay full price rather than nickle and diming them! It’s not exactly difficult to forego paying for Adobe products…

    Digidesign/Avid used the same tactics and lost their majority market shares to Final Cut Pro and Logic, which both exist at a price point that any freelancer can afford, and have entirely reasonable upgrade costs every couple of years. I understand Adobe has no real competitors in it’s segment and can maybe afford to be this arrogant, especially with their larger clients, but I can only imagine a further decline in sales (but not necessarily usage) based on this poor judgement by Adobe.

  30. Susie

    Hi, My parents just bought me a student addition last week of Design Premium Suite to help me towards my HSC. We were told that if any new updates should happen we would automatically be able to download the new upgrade.
    After receiving an email this morning for the new upgrade I couldn’t find where to download 5.5 and realised that it came out in May

    I decided to ring up Support which was on hold for 30 mins. i then rang back and tried another ext. I spent most of the morning on the phone to Customer Service only to find out that I will have to pay the full price of the upgrade. This seems unreasonable since I have only just received the licence to run all the programs and have only just started looking at the videos which talk only about the new Suite 5.5.

    So since I have to pay for another license how much would that be please.

    BTW I couldn’t get the price from the Customer Service person. Just need a ball park figure.

    I dont want to sound mean but the customer service person was very rude to me and I was left feeling very frustrated. In the same boat as Joi. You mentioned to Joi that it should be fine with the updates. Would this be the case as well for me? I live in Australia

  31. Mandar

    back in June 2010 I purchased Adobe Production Premium CS5 under the student discount (INDIA). And at that time I had also paid for the Maintenance charges, Am I still eligible to receive free update to cs5.5, or even upgrade to new features added in Prpro and AE?

  32. Bonnie

    In the FAQs:
    “If I cancel my subscription, does that mean I can still use my software, and that I just won’t receive updates for the most current version? No. When you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to any version of your Creative Suite subscription software.”

    Does Adobe want a pound of flesh as well? As a starving student, this new pricing model is devastatingly awful. If I am paying money for software upgrades, why shouldn’t I be able to keep what I pay for?

  33. Peter

    Hi, How come so long without a downloadable product. I came home to download CS5 Web Premium only to find not there and I won’t be able to until May. I needed it tonight so I will have to go and find a box copy locally.

    Also the Australian dollar is trading better than the US yet there is a huge price difference. With the downloaded version there should be no difference at all.

    Please put an exact release date on the web site.

    Thank you.

  34. joi

    Thanks Russell..hopefully they will be ale to help more than the cs on the phone did 🙂

  35. Richard Austin


    I purchased an upgrade just over three weeks ago for one of our licenses (March 19th). Is my understanding correct that I should qualify for a complimentary upgrade to CS 5.5? The policy used to be for qualification you were required to have ordered 30 days earlier from the moment the new product was announced.

  36. Russell Brady

    Sorry to hear that Susie. If you bought last week you should qualify no problem. I’ll forward your case on.

  37. Russell Brady

    Peter. If you download and pay for CS5 now you’ll obviously qualify for a free upgrade when we ship. Should be very early May.

  38. Russell Brady

    Richard. You should be fine. Contact local customer support and they will be able to get you the new software when it ships (early May).

  39. Russell Brady

    Mandar. Not quite sure I understand – I didn’t think you could purchase maintenance with education pricing. But I could be wrong! Have forwarded to the appropriate folks and they will be in touch.

  40. Russell Brady

    Bonnie. As a starving student you qualify for education pricing, which is a substantial saving. What you might be reacting to is the fact that we haven’t introduced subscription pricing for our education customers yet. It’s something we’re looking at.

  41. Eelco Tolsma

    Hi Russel,

    I am in the same situation as some of the people above. I ordered the Design Premium Student edition on the 11th of April. I haven’t even received my order for CS5 yet, and I read that there will be a upgrade available. Do I also qualify for the free upgrade to CS5.5? Which action do I have to undertake to receive the upgrade?

    I thank you in advance!

  42. James


    I’m wanting to buy the Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, under a Student and Teacher licence. I gather from the comments here that if I buy CS5 now I’ll receive a free download of 5.5? Also I am in my final year of university, will I still be eligible for the CS5.5 if download becomes available only after I graduate (but I have bought and activated CS5 while still a student)?

    I’m usually pretty good with this kind of thing, but could do with pointing in the right directions, such as where to buy CS5 from and where to look for the download when 5.5 comes out. Also, is everything digital now or can I get CS5 and the 5.5 upgrade on disk? I live in a shared house with 3 other students so the internet is pretty slow a lot of the time – it could take days to download the suite.


  43. Jon

    We receive customer files in on a daily basis, and work with what is sent to us. If we continue to run CS5, and we receive files in CS5.5 (This is Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), will we be able to open them? Or do I need to upgrade to CS5.5 to be able to open them?


  44. AJ Henderson

    I don’t understand the subscription model. New versions release every year or two. Using Master Collection as the basis for my comparison, the typical 1 version upgrade is $900. The subscription is $129 a month. Purchasing flat out is $2800. The annual subscription is 1548 a year. I guess if you don’t already own it it takes 3 years to have it cost more, but it seems like a very bad deal in general since it isn’t a truly comparable product as it has no perpetual element.

  45. Mark

    Hi! I purchased CS5 Creative Suite a year ago. Will I have to buy this again or download an upgrade?

  46. Russell Brady

    Jon. Our file formats are generally consistent between releases. You should be fine.

  47. Russell Brady

    AJ. If you are up to date with your software it definitely makes more economic sense to upgrade. Subscriptions are designed for folks who value the flexibility of being able to dip into the software or have been out of the upgrade loop for a while.

  48. Russell Brady

    Mark. If you want to stay current with our most up-to-date release, you will have to purchase an upgrade.

  49. Billy koch

    There are no downloads at this time? All have been suspended until 5.5 comes out? Looked for downloads to no avail.

  50. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Billy,

    CS5 trial downloads are still available on the respective product support page: adobe.come/support/product name.

    If you’re looking to download CS5.5, trials are not yet available. But you can sign up to be notified when they are: or pre-order:

    Hope that helps,

  51. Rob

    Hi I am in search of some advice.

    Should I order CS 5 now and hope to qualify for a free upgrade to 5.5? I would like to get some design programs asap which is why I am not patient enough to wait another 3-4 weeks before the release.

    I do not want to have to call customer support because I called to ask this question and was told I would be on hold between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. If it is necessary to call in order to get my upgrade when the time comes, then I’ll just wait and buy 5.5 when it comes out

    any advice will help.


  52. Russell Brady

    Hi Billy. Yes you can still purchase CS5 today from Store or our resellers. You will be eligible for a free upgrade to the comparable CS5.5 product when it becomes available.

  53. Russell Brady

    Hi Rob – if you purchase CS5 between now and when we ship CS5.5 you will qualify for a free upgrade to the comparable CS5.5 product. Hope that helps.

  54. Rob

    Thanks Russell,

    Will the upgrade be something I can just download online with some sort of varification code?

    thanks again,


  55. Russell Brady

    Rob – you’ll have to contact customer support when CS5.5 is available. They can help you out — but generally yes, you can download the software and get a serial number/verification code.

  56. Dare

    Russel, Adobe has done it again. These upgrades look both PHENOMENAL and timely.

    The warp feature alone makes this upgrade SO worth it and I own the Master collection. The only problem with this release is that I can’t have it RIGHT NOW. I could literally save myself a week of work I have for a client if I had it now. I cry.

    Is there a definitive ship date/download date yet?

    BTW, I really don’t understand the gripes at all. If your professional career revolves around Adobe products (as mine does), the upgrade is literally NOTHING compared to the time (and therefore $) that you will be saving. And I am only talking about the warp plug-in! Anyone who has had to manually stabilize shots knows what I am talking about.

    And I’m sorry, but whoever gave the Apple FCP/FCS being a better price point is a really poor comparison. For $1,000 you get 1/4 of the tools of Production Premium? There is no comparison.

    OK ADOBE! Keep the advances coming!

  57. Russell Brady

    Dare – a voice of reason. We’ll be shipping in early May, not long now. The Warp Stabilizer feature is astonishing. I was at NAB trade show in Las Vegas last week and it was the talk of the town among video pros. The other thing I picked up, talking to customers like Dare. Pros, whose living depends on us saving them time (and thus making them more money) want us to bring these technologies to market on a regular basis.

  58. Mark

    I would like to make a remark regarding Russell’s statement.

    Not only professionals would like Adobe to bring innovation to the market but everyone else…

    I am a computer science student and I am also involved in the photography world, so don’t use Adobe video products that often. Even though there is no upgrade to Photoshop or other products I use often now, many of the products/features you did upgrade (in video for instance) I think will benefit other users, like me. For example, I and everyone else will be able to make better and more professional videos with the new stabilization filter…

    Thank you Adobe for your hard work and innovation. All of your work makes me really (I mean really) want to work for you after I graduate.

  59. TJ

    What if I have a student version of CS 5 Design Premium which I purchaed last year and I am no longer a student but want to upgrade to either CS5.5 Design or Production premium. Do I get the benefit of the upgrade pricing on the website?

  60. Russell Brady

    Hi TJ – yes, you should be fine. If you have a purchased version of CS5 (student or otherwise) you will qualify for the upgrade price for CS5.5. Contact customer support when we ship – the links are in previous answers – and if you have any issues let me know.

  61. Heidi

    Don’t buy an upgrade until 6 comes out. What a waste of money they want you ti feel you have to spend.
    Do not get sucked in!
    It should be free, as an upgrade.

  62. Aaron

    Hey – just wondering, if I preorder cs5.5 now can I download cs5 right away, or should I buy cs5, download now and wait for my free update? Student in UK… also once I am upgraded do I keep my cs5 license (incase I have to work with that on placement etc)

  63. Russell Brady

    Hi Aaron — CS5.5 is available for purchase today.

  64. Thomas

    Hi! I bought the edu version of the CS5 Master Collection on March 10th. Am I outside the free-upgrade zone? Forgive me for asking: my local customer service says that I bought the suite too long ago and that I am not eligible for a free upgrade, but I just wanted to double-check. Not that I don’t trust those guys or anything, but… it’s just irritating to miss such an opportunity by so little! Thanks.

  65. Russell Brady

    Let me check with the team Thomas. I’ll send them your details.

  66. Thomas

    Thank you! I really appreciate it, no matter what the result will be.

  67. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Thomas,

    Russell and I checked with the team. Because we offer significant savings on Student and Teacher edition products already, we unfortunately cannot offer free product upgrades for these editions.

    Appreciate your understanding!


  68. Thomas

    Hi! It’s ok, I understand. The student price is generous indeed, and I can make do with CS5 for a long time. But if I buy a suite again later, I will certainly be more careful with the timing!

  69. Karolina

    Hi Russell,

    Can you please advise when the CS5.5 Design Premium edition will release? I purchased it last week for my graduation portfolio to find that no one has any idea when I will actually receive it. I graduate in a few weeks and need my portfolio to be in top notch condition. Any words of widsom on this matter?

    Stressed & Concerned

  70. Roberto Blake

    If customers purchased any CS5 products within the last month or two, will they be given a free upgrade to CS5.5 and how do they go about getting that upgrade. This is a big issue and i know a lot of people who want answers to this.

  71. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Roberto,

    If you purchased CS5 recently, you might be eligible for a free upgrade to CS5.5. Please call your local customer support rep to find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade:


  72. Philippe

    I am currently in school where I am learning to use most of the programs of the Master Collection and i was wondering, after reading the comments, if i buy the student edition of the cs5.5 Master Collection right now, what will be my option for CS6 (let’s say its that). can i buy the full upgrade, not the student one, once it’s out or am I stuck with the student and I will need to eventually buy the full version again.

    Thanks in advance, i was really perplexed with the comment and i would really like to have a real version somewhere alse that in my school…

  73. Chelsi

    The business I work for is small, and thus doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. We bit the bullet in February and purchased another CS5 Design Premium suite so that we weren’t having to convert down to a lower version when sharing files with the other designer.

    However, shortly after the purchase we started hearing murmurs that there was going to be a CS 5.5. I believe that there was even a mention of it being a free upgrade ‘depending’, depending on what wasn’t really mentioned.

    Now we have to pay another $399 x 2 + WA state tax? OUCH! We purposefully bought CS5 because of the multimedia functionality of the product was exactly what we need with the software and products that we are developing regarding flash and the web as well as Android devices.

    Is there anything that we can do?


  74. Chelsi

    That link doesn’t work it says it’s broken, thanks!

  75. Rita Minnichsoffer

    Now that Apple has announced OS 10.7 (Lion) coming out next month, what is known about the compatibility of CS 5.5 with that? Will there likely be an earlier-than-expected upgrade to the CS family, or would any compatibility issues be handled in free downloadable updates?

    Bottom line is we have Snow Leopard running CS4 and have been thinking about upgrading to CS5.5, but now we’re wondering if we should wait another 6 months until after all the bugs and issues of Lion and CS5.5 have been worked out?


  76. Russell Brady

    Hi RIta

    We’ll have more information on Lion compatibility as it comes to market. You should be fine upgrading to CS5.5: if there are issues, generally we issue free patches to our current software. We have a good history of working with Apple and Microsoft to ensure customers can upgrade to the latest version of Mac or Windows — and that the latest versions of our software are compatible.

  77. Russell Brady


    I checked with the product team and this issue is still there. Let me do some more research to see if there is fix in the works.

  78. Kirk

    As a student, I’ll be buying an academic version of CS5.5. Those version usually aren’t eligible for upgrades.

    Therefore, I am concerned about not being able to download the patches or whatever Adobe will make available to be make CS5.5 Lion compatible.

    Any advice? Thanks!

  79. dprBreck

    I’m about at the end of my Design Premium trial, an upgrade proposition from the current CS5 Design Premium suite which I own.

    Now, you mention above all the doo-dads with publishing, such as the 360 panoramas, etc, but they seem to be available only with the VERY VERY expensive Digital Publishing Suite, designed more for people like Conde Nast that have budgets for it than a small designer that has clients who want interactive publications.

    I am a serial upgrader. The $400 is not that big of a deal (however note that if the CS5.5 to CS6 upgrade price is not reflective of a good bargain for those who took the plunge and upgraded mid-cycle, you will have one very angry customer here).

    But all that said, and even though the Dreamweaver new features seem nice (I don’t use it that often), I have scoured the net, MacWorld and beyond for real, objective upgrade arguments.

    There really aren’t any. Come on, convince me, Adobe, that this is worth a primarily print and photoshop designer who hires out to convert to HTML/backend instead of just waiting for CS6?

  80. Jon

    Frankly I’d be a very cautious buying CS5.5 right now and counting on Adobe to support Lion in a timely fashion… Sorry Adobe, I love you and all, but this new release schedule sucks and it took you a ridiculously long time to release updates to CS5 to fix all the problems it had with Snow Leopard. With CS5.5 out you seem to of forgotten CS5. I used to trust you to release updates, but not anymore.

    Anyway, admittedly without any concrete information to go on and just guessing based on recent history, I predict Adobe won’t support CS5 on Lion at all… ever… and it’ll be at least a few months before CS5.5 officially supports Lion.

    Combine that with the new “x.5” release schedule (AKA “we no longer issue bug fixes and minor updates for free”) and real Lion support probably won’t come until CS6… and I’m even skeptical that CS6 will support Lion new core features (Full Screen Apps, Autosave and Auto-Resume).

    Hoping I’ve just grown cynical and Adobe proves me wrong…

  81. John

    I have a CS5 subscription – Can I upgrade to a CS5.5 Product instead of subscribing again.


  82. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the feedback – I’ve passed on your message to the team. Please note that you can also always share your feedback on our products directly with our teams here:

    With regards to your inquiry about Lion support, Adobe has been working closely with Apple throughout the Lion development and testing process to ensure our creative suite products are compatible with Apple Mac OSX Lion (v10.7). We will provide specific details when Apple releases Lion, which they’ve publically stated will be in July.


  83. Russell Brady

    We’ll have a FAQ out tomorrow when Lion ships. Like we said we would.

  84. Russell Brady

    Regarding Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), the new output tools in InDesign CS5.5 are clearly something you are interested in. We hear you regarding the current Enterprise and Professional editions of DPS — they ARE aimed at larger publishing enterprises. So please stay tuned for some news around a “long tail” (God I hate that term!) DPS offering later this year. It should be right up your alley, as an independent designer who wants to start delivering interactive publications for clients. I was at one of our DPS events recently and some of the work done by small agencies in the interactive publishing space has been really interesting. But you’re right…..the price point is not quite there for mass creative pro adoption. More soon!

  85. Felixius

    I know it is getting old, but I too don’t particularly like the new ‘dot’ release every other year. The issue for me is that if it is a ‘dot’ release, people (myself included) do see it as an update to the ‘current’ software and cannot justify the price being equal to that of the full release upgrade. Earlier on, it was mentioned that 5.5 includes so much more and that the changes in the publishing landscape has changed so much that (be it DPS for Playbook or IPad or websites for devices). Yes, it is a good argument. But an argument for a full release, for which 5.5 is not. Let us not pretend that Adobe didn’t see this on the horizon. A dot release should be charged at a lot less. While my primary tool Dreamweaver has had updates done, my other three primary tools (photoshop, illustrator and Fireworks) have not.

    Ahh, glad that is off my chest.

  86. Scott Silva

    I was wondering if I can upgrade from Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Student & Teacher Edition to Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Upgrade from CS5 directly?

  87. Rishad

    Hi Russell,

    What lead me to this blog is that I’m at the (somewhat nerve-wracking) point of having bought CS5 a couple of months ago (which I love, thank you), the new MacBook Pro today (ditto) and am wondering whether to jump into Lion.

    So I could really use that FAQ soon! Just saying…

  88. Toilet Paper

    Nice effort by adobe. Adobe is a big and popular company. It gives a lot of software for us. Adobe Creative Suite is a collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems.

  89. JJ

    It should be free!!!

    Or at least have decent subcription cost.. too greedy!!

    It will be your undoing!!

    just MHO 🙂

  90. Roberto Blake

    I have to say that I used to have my doubts about CS5.5 however I’ve been using it since launch now, and I’m very happy with the additional features for mobile devices in both InDesign and Dreamweaver. This makes a unified design approach for Digital Media much easier, faster and seamless.

  91. maans

    Time to port Adobe Premier of creative suite to Android. Reaaly want to get rid of my pc and move to tablet only but need Adobe creation suites….

  92. Joe

    I purchased the CS5 suite 4.16.2011 (which I love btw) with the understanding I’d receive the complimentary upgrade. On 4.20.2011, I received an email stating I was entitled to receive the complimentary upgrade. I completed the request form to redeem the upgrade however, I still have not received the update or received any further dialog from Adobe. Have I missed a step? When can I expect the upgrade? Will it be a download, or CD? I’ve been to the Adobe site many times and there’s no info listed under my account. Any insight would be appreciated.



  93. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Joe,

    I’ll pass on your email to the customer support team and they should be in touch to help you. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience!


  94. Helen

    I am in Australia and am wanting to upgrade from a Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium (windows version) to a Creative Suite Web Premium (Mac version)
    Is this possible?
    Also why are the prices in Australia double the price of the same products in the USA?
    Can I order the product from USA to use in Australia?


  95. Helen

    Ok thanks. I did ring and speak to someone on the phone the other day but I don’t think he understood what I was asking. I’ll try your link.

  96. Monica

    I’m thinking about purchasing 5.5, but am worried that 6 is going to be released in a few months. If I purchase 5.5 now, and 6 comes out in the Spring will I be able to upgrade at a discounted price?

  97. F-J Reimer

    I own CS3 Design Standard (with Photoshop 10.0.1, Bridge, Acrobat 8.3.1). I am considering one of 2 upgrade options: (1) the upcoming CS6 Design Standard or (2) the upcoming Photoshop upgrade (with Bridge) plus Acrobat X (or version 11 if it releases when I upgrade my other products) since I no longer use InDesign or Illustrator as much any more.

    My question: will any of these new products (CS6 or the next Photoshop/Bridge and Acrobat) allow an upgrade price from my current versions?

  98. Matt Rozen


    With the availability of Adobe CS6 solutions in 2012, Adobe will no longer offer upgrade pricing to customers who are on older versions of Creative Suite dating more than one version back. Customers on versions of Creative Suite CS4, CS3, CS2 and older will not be eligible for upgrade pricing for CS6 unless they have upgraded to CS5 or CS5.5 before CS6 is released.

    Adobe is currently offering a 20% off promotion to upgrade. Go to or your contact your local reseller for promotion details. If you decide not to upgrade before CS6 is released, you will have 2 choices: pay full price for a new CS6 license, or move to an attractively priced Creative Cloud membership, which will give you access to all of Adobe’s leading creative tools plus touch apps, online creative services, training, and support.

    For more information visit


  99. F-J Reimer

    Thank you for your answer above re the CS products. Will Adobe’s new policy to no longer allow upgrade pricing for versions older than the 1 previous be extended also to Acrobat Pro as well? Wondering if I need to upgrade from 8 to X now, or can I wait until Adobe writes the next Acrobat version (that will hopefully by fully compatible with Mac Lion)?

  100. James Schaum

    There is only one problem with the phonegap integration with Dreamweaver… it does not work. Every time I try to do a build it fails with an exit code of 255. I have not been able to find a fix for it on the Adobe site or anywhere else. I have started seeing other people reporting the same issue. Is someone going to fix it?

  101. Pooja Prasad

    Hi James,

    Thanks for your question. I’ve informed customer support and they will be sending you an email to get more details about the issue and help you out.

    You might also want to try posting the issue on the Dreamweaver forum to see if any fellow users have experienced the same issue and found a resolution:

    Hope this helps,

  102. Fred

    It is amazing how World of WarCraft has influenced even adobe’s marketing strategies.

  103. Luis

    Hi Russel,

    Did you ever find anything out regarding the issue in Illustrator CS5 with pixel preview for bitmap .tifs?

    Do you think it will be fixed in CS6…?


  104. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Ivan,

    As a follow up to your question, I checked with the team. At this time, jQuery is not supported in InDesign 5.5.

  105. Ken

    I am wondering why there is a vast difference between US prices and Australian prices? I have been trialling Presenter 7 for specific functions and I want to buy, however what I thought was a $500 cost, is now over $800 in Australia!

    Can anyone give me a logical reason for this discrepency seeing as though the Auistralian dollar is doing very well indeed.


  106. jean

    when we loaded 5.5 premium, we lost our pitstop tools. Did we do something wrong. Think it is between the new acrobat that came with the program and pitstop 7.1

  107. WebPix

    Can someone tell me, if it is worth to buy the CS 5.5 if you have the CS3? I use my friends old Version CS3 or CS4 at the moment but we think to buy – may be the CS 5.5…?!

  108. vincent jones

    How/where can I purchase a copy of InDesign .5 and Illustrator 5.1? I dont need the whole suite. Can anyone help?

Russell Brady

Russell Brady is director, campaign marketing at Adobe – supporting Document Cloud. He is a 15 year veteran at Adobe, working primarily in communications on behalf of Adobe’s creative products. Russell also worked in public relations for eBay and Apple.

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