2011 Digital Marketing Trends Revealed

With online technology rapidly evolving and consumers’ appetites increasing for more relevant and engaging experiences, online marketers and merchandisers are continually challenged to keep up with the latest tools and technologies – but how do you know what the most effective tactics are?

Are you curious about where your peers are investing their digital marketing dollars to grow their businesses?

The answers are here! In our 5th annual quantitative, global survey: the Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade. The survey reveals what businesses worldwide have identified as the most deployed, most popular and most effective online tactics across seven categories:Capture

• Rich media/merchandising features
• Social media-based features • Mobile features
• Mobile commerce visualization features
• Personalization features
• Digital advertising executions
• Analytics

This year’s survey was expanded and for the first time measured deployment, planned deployment and effectiveness of analytics tools, mobile commerce visualization features and digital advertising. For 2011, social media executions along with mobile initiatives and rich media tactics are among the top planned with more than 25 percent of respondents planning to deploy features in these categories.

Digital marketers validated an ever-growing focus to further tap social media with an emphasis on social media analytics, which respondents cited as the top planned tactic (21 percent) and the third most deployed execution in the analytics category. Also, one out of three of the top planned initiatives and deployed executions are social-media based:
• Building branded social community pages – planned: 25 percent; deployed: 40 percent
• Advertising on social networking sites – planned: 25 percent; deployed: 22 percent

After years of hype and exploration, mobile is becoming a very viable commerce channel as mobile commerce enablement showed the highest year-over-year change in effectiveness (+124 percent) and was one of the top five tactics with the highest year-over-year increase in deployment (+13 percent). And, for businesses with more than $100 million in annual revenue, four out of the six most effective features were in the mobile category:

• Mobile advertising, promotions and bar-coded coupons to drive in-store or Web purchases (42 percent)
• Mobile product comparisons (41 percent)
• Address book integration for mobile (40 percent)
• Check inventory status on mobile devices, in-store or Web (40 percent)

In addition to social media and mobile initiatives, interactive catalogs stand out as a key tactic in 2011. They were cited as the overall top planned tactic across all categories (27 percent) as well as the top planned for mobile commerce visualization (19 percent), and were ranked as the fourth most effective tactic overall.

How do these strategies line up with your 2011 initiatives?

Kevin Lindsay

Kevin Lindsay is an experienced product marketer with more than a decade working in search technology and eCommerce. In his current role leading product marketing efforts for the Omniture Business Unit of Adobe's Conversion family of products, Kevin is responsible for product positioning and sales enablement with a specific focus on online retail. Prior to Adobe, Kevin oversaw the product marketing and strategic marketing efforts at Mercado, a leader in eCommerce search and merchandising solutions which was acquired by Omniture in 2008. Before joining Mercado, Kevin ran his own product marketing consultancy working with technology startups in the areas of mobile, retail and entertainment. Prior to this, he managed product marketing at Verity, where contributed to the development of search and navigation solutions for early commerce sites such as CDNow and OfficeMax. Kevin received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Calgary.

Kevin Lindsay