One Course – Many Possibilities

Highlights from Mobile Media Production Course Offered by the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon

From an experimental course made available to fifteen undergraduate students—majors in journalism, advertising, and public relations, a realization was born. With the proliferation of mobile devices, more and more companies are going to have a need for electronic media, creating a high demand for technologically savvy workforce.

To help students understand the opportunities tablet devices may hold for journalism, advertising and design careers, the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon jumped at the opportunity to participate in Adobe’s pre-release program for the Digital Publishing Suite. The school incorporated the new technology into their Mobile Media Production Course. Students were able to work with the same technology that is used by Conde Nast, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and others to create a digital magazine deployed on the iPad. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite empowered students to create highly designed and engaging digital content that included a new class of interactivity.

The project of creating a digital magazine also allowed students across all majors, from journalism, public relations, advertising, design and photography, to work together and step outside of their specific disciplines. Journalism students learned more about video editing and photography, creating skills that are multi-dimensional.

We are excited and proud to share how students at the University of Oregon are learning skills that will help them compete in today’s job market. Students were thrilled to be working on similar projects and facing the same challenges as professionals. As Michael Ciaglo, photo editor and a junior at the University of Oregon pointed out: “I am going to come out of this University with more than a degree; I am going to come out of here with experience and with that expertise to go to an employer and say ‘look what I’ve done’.”

Check out this amazing journey: “The Making of a Digital Magazine.” You can also view the Creating Student Digital Publications webinar for additional details.


  1. Ken

    I’m very curious about this technology: is it an existing Adobe product? Is it a new product? I can’t seem to find a thorough explanation of it. Thanks.

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Ken,

    Yes, we recently announced the new Professional Edition of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite that features hosted services and viewer technology that allow education institutions to cost-efficiently publish content to Android tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook and the iPad. For more info, check out: