Relieving A Taxing Burden

We love talking to our Acrobat customers. With every customer we learn something new and useful to pass on to others. Take McGladrey, for instance.

McGladrey, the brand under which RSM McGladrey and McGladrey & Pullen operate, ranks as the fifth largest professional services firm in the U.S. McGladrey’s 7,000 professionals in nearly 80 cities collaborate with clients daily to meet their tax, auditing and business consulting needs. Recently we learned about how McGladrey is using a new Adobe program to save hundreds of thousands of dollars through their desktop manager, Matt Corcoran.

Check out this week’s Acrobat blog post on McGladrey from Mark Grilli, director of product marketing, to learn more about how the company has standardized on PDF to support paperless workflows and to automate processes. Using PDF increases efficiency and productivity, provides secure collaboration with clients and streamlines document management and processes, such as e-filing with the IRS. Read the full post here.