Transforming Adobe’s Customer Experiences

At Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Forum in New York this week, the winners of the 2011 Voice of the Customer awards were announced (follow @forrester, and #CXP11 for news from the Forum).  I’m honored to say that Adobe, alongside Fidelity Investments and JetBlue, was chosen as a 2011 award winner.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve made significant changes in how we engage with our customers, how we listen to their feedback, and how we learn from their ideas.  When we started, we recognized we weren’t always easy to do business with, and that we were not consistently delivering the level the service our customers expected.

Several programs and changes have helped extended teams at Adobe become part of the customers’ experience, to make real changes, such as:

  • Adobe’s Customer Immersion Program provides Adobe’s senior leaders with the opportunity to experience first-hand what our customers experience when they engage with Adobe.
  • Adobe’s Customer Listening Post facility brings customer experiences to life – – with live video and data feeds showing what’s happing in real-time.
  • We’ve equipped our front-line service and support agents with better tools and resources to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • We’ve offered new ways to engage with us, enabling customers to make the choice about how and when they want to interact.
  • We’re working to simplify many of our key business processes, making it faster and easier for customers to get what they need from Adobe.

We’re not done.  Our customers have told us they think we’ve taken big strides forward…and that we still have much work to do.  Leaders across Adobe are engaged in better understanding where our customers’ experiences aren’t measuring up.  We’re working closely with front line employees to understand how they can better serve customers, and consistently deliver an outstanding experience.  Most importantly we’re responding to the concerns, suggestions, and ideas that our customers share, so that we continue to improve.

The VoC award from Forrester is a great validation that we’re headed in the right direction.  We’re committed to continue delivering exceptional experiences for our customers.  We’re still listening.


  1. Joseph Grafflin

    I do hope this is some horrible joke. I have been on chat, opened a support case (which, when clicked, currently leads to an error screen), and been emailed by customer service where I was given answers to questions that I never asked. If you browse through google you immediately find many dissatisfied customers. 2009 we got an open letter. Now it’s 2011 and the same problems are still prominent.

    I just want to talk to someone that has the ability to set things in motion, that’s it.I want a company that helps its supporters rather than give them a reason to gravitate towards piracy. Is that really too much to ask?

  2. sime

    Adobe customer service are prompt reading robots with no clue.

    Last effort with Adobe Customer service:

    I have Macromedia (remember them they were great) Studio 8 and wanted to upgrade to Adobe Design Premium. Anyway my Macromedia Suite was from US. I live in Australia.

    After pulling teeth with the Adobe rep he advised i had to buy upgrade from US Store as i had US version of Macromedia. I could not to upgrade from Australia store. The kicker is that he said i could not purchase from US store because i live in Australia. Basically Adobe would not be able to sell me an upgrade from anywhere. seriously??

    His advise was that i would have to buy full version from Australia. ….are you kidding me, cheaper to fly to America and stay a few night and buy the upgrade from Amazon.

    Adobes Customer service, support and honor aint worth nothing. Another customer walking away from Adobe.

    Rather just donate my upgrade money to Corel after this experience.

  3. Pooja Prasad

    Hi, thank you for reaching out. Customer Support will be in contact with you to help resolve!

  4. Chad

    The customer service at Adobe is among the worst I’ve ever encountered in my professional career. Any customer who has ever had the misfortune to deal with Adobe Customer Service would describe their service as well below any reasonble level of performance. Just this evening I waited more than 60 minutes for an account representative to take my call. Then when he couldn’t answer our concern he simply hung up. And why not hang up on a customer? Clearly Adobe could care less whether our needs were met or not.

  5. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Chad,

    I’m sorry to hear about the poor experience. I’ve forwarded the team your message and they’ll be in touch at the email address you provided. Appreciate your patience.

  6. Joseph Grafflin

    I know that I have already posted on this but I figured that I should tell people the advice I was given from Adobe’s customer service team: Buy it again.

    Excellent advice to a recent graduate struggling to pay off student loans.

    I had purchased a copy of Production Premiere for Mac but unfortunately shortly thereafter my Mac decided it didn’t want to function anymore. Me, being an idiot and assuming Adobe was a company that would help a customer that could prove they owned one of their products easily (stupid, I know), purchased parts to create a PC that was a bit more affordable to but just as powerful as the mac I once owned. Now I had a Mac version which I thought was dual license like my lightroom but once I realized it wasn’t it was too late. I didn’t think it’d be difficult to work around though considering the amount I had given to this company that has won awards for its customer service and how easy it was to prove I owned this software. Unfortunately after chatting with several Customer Service Representatives online, getting hung up on after waiting an hour to talk to someone, and finally talking to someone on the phone I was told repeatedly that the serial I was giving them was for a Mac license (which I told them several times), I was told that the serial would work for CS5.5 for windows (which I knew it wouldn’t because I have CS5 for Mac) and finally I was told that I’m left with the world’s most expensive coasters (that I was never able to use) and if I wanted the software I’d simply need to “buy it again.”

    I don’t really blame the people I talked to for they don’t have the power necessary to facilitate my needs but that’s why the customers need a system where they can access people that do have that power, especially when dealing with software that can cost $1,000+.

    I had to share this when I realize that in my original post I didn’t. I needed to explain why I have become so disenchanted with this company.

    I don’t mean to be a jerk but I feel like I’m being slapped in the face as a customer when I’ve been treated like this and then I proceed to read about these customer service awards.

  7. John

    I have to agree with most of the folks here. Customer service at adobe is out of control. My experience with them has been deteriorating over the past years and I find that I am nearing the end of the rope. They are impossible to work with.

    For example, my most recent issue involves a copy of Master Suite 5.5. They initiated a platform swap almost two weeks ago. Turned off the license for the Windows version of the software and never delivered a MAC license leaving me with out the use of the product on either platform. After countless hours of email, chat and calls the best that they can do is tell me that they are having difficulty with the process and that I should be patient.

    Btw the way,
    – I am currently on a 2+ hour hold queue… again
    -The web site keeps giving me an error when I try to get to the “open tickets” page… again
    – and I am also getting an error when I try to get to the “Report an issue customer service” link… again!

    You have got to be kidding me.

    I have been a customer since the 90’s and now I really doubt that I will continue investing in this company moving forward.

  8. Pooja Prasad

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the poor experience. Our support team will be in touch shortly to see if there’s anything they can still do to help.

    Thanks for your patience.

  9. Bill Fleming

    Adobe support, in my experience, is completely incompetent. Not just the script readers – at least the whole Level 1 support organization.The fact that so many report bad support experiences, for years, indicates that Adobe management is either ineffectual or just doesn’t give a damn about customer support. The title “Customer Immersion Program” that heads this web page creates for me the image of holding a customer (me) under water until they stop struggling. Adobe, you can and will be replaced if you stay on your present tajectory.

  10. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Bill,

    Appreciate the feedback and apologize for the poor support experience. I’ve notified our team and they’ll be in touch at the email you provided to see if there’s anything else they can do to assist you.

    Thank you for your patience.

  11. Sterling Ledet

    It’s very interesting to see the polarization around Adobe. People seem to either love them or seem to hate them (i’m squarely in the love camp).

    It’s interesting how people make such assumptions about this organization.

    Adobe’s financial needle is moved by major corporate relationships that license millions of dollars in software a year. While desktop licenses are an important part of their product mix, Adobe has to set priorities and allocate resources just like any company, based on the demands of it’s best customers.

    The Adobe support organization has to address the needs of a tremendous variety of clients. I for one, am glad to see them taking tangible steps in the right direction.

  12. Julie Reaney

    I was part way through applying the “download” tool, when I decided I did not want it. I have been trying for 45 minutes to find a way to tell someone that!
    Kill it! Cancel ASAP; I don’t want things being open to a virus or screwing up some other feature that I don’t understand.
    I am trying to send a couple of very important items NOW & feel stalled.
    Julie Reaney