Adobe Announces Public Beta of Muse

Today Adobe unveiled the public beta of Muse (code name), software that enables graphic designers to design and publish professional, unique HTML websites without writing code or working within restrictive templates.

Leveraging the latest Web standards including HTML5 and CSS3 where browser support exists, Muse combines precise design and creative freedom with innovative frameworks for adding navigation, widgets and HTML to include advanced interactivity on a site.

Muse allows designers to plan, design and publish unique and interactive websites with:

  • Easy-to-use sitemaps, master pages, and a host of flexible, site-wide tools make it fast and intuitive to plan the website layout.
  • Similar functionality in Adobe InDesign that allows designers to combine imagery, graphics, and text with complete control, flexibility and power
  • Drag and drop customizable widgets like navigation menus. Users can add fully customizable interactive elements including slideshows, Tooltips and remote rollovers.
  • Embedded HTML code snippets from sources including Google Maps, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Ability to create Adobe-hosted trial sites for testing and review purposes. A site can be sent to clients, converted to a paid Adobe-hosted site or exported for FTP to other hosting providers.

Designers are invited to learn more about Muse by visiting where they can download the free beta (English only), see a gallery of Muse-created websites, and access instructional tutorials.


  1. Naoko

    MUSE: it seems pretty cool so far, but I can’t figure out a way to work with videos. I don’t want to upload my videos on YouTube. I want to keep my videos on my site only and show them to the world. MUSE works only with swf files. Why doesn’t MUSE let me work with any other form of videos???

  2. Russell Brady

    Hi Naoko. I spoke to the product team and they said….


    This is correct — Muse supports .swf placed on the canvas as well as the embedding of streaming content from video hosting companies like YouTube and Vimeo. Content on these public servers can be defined as “private” so that it cannot be searched for. Additionally video content (example .mov) can be uploaded to your hosting provider via FTP, then linked within your Muse site by way of Arbitrary HTML embedding.

    For more information please see the following Muse forum post:


    Hope that helps

  3. Edward Craig

    Hello — I am a website developer and have been for over 12 years using Adobe products. I have used Adobe Products in the first release of Photoshop. I would love to have an opportunity to participate in your public beta program with MUSE. You can reach me at 225-572-9921 or e-mail:


    Ed Craig

  4. Lindsay

    Designers can combine imagery, graphics, and text with complete control, flexibility and power, similar to the functionality in Adobe InDesign. Muse provides drag and drop customizable widgets like navigation menus. Users can add fully customizable interactive elements including slideshows, Tooltips and remote rollovers. I really find this amazing!

  5. HM


    I spent the day getting familiar with MUSE and I was blown away. Absolutely stunning. Everything a designer could dream of. I went ahead and completely rebuilt a website for a client and later that night after about 10 hrs of wonderfully creative work clicked PUBLISH… omg. Seriously?!

    I have used Adobe products for over 18 yrs and although always spendy I justified the costs to first class software. This however not only saddened me but made me realize that Adobe doesn’t give a rip about the economy, the struggles financially or people in general.

    What was the worst however and I could be wrong, so far I have not been able to find a way to do otherwise… is the fact that you monopolize WHERE WE HOST our sites! Are you kidding? Seriously? Then to charge the outrageous monthly fees to do so? I moved all my clients and my own personal domains to godaddy years ago because they make it affordable for everyone. And now with MUSE being the kick ass program it is, we can’t even upload it to our own servers or choice of?

    You guys rock, but you need a wake-up call. Also lately you offered subscriptions to the suites etc and that was a great idea. Then you pull if off? And charge WAY too much to boot?

    Who is in charge and they need to get a grip that not everyone can afford a software program for $700-$1000’s and then updates of $200+ each year or so?

    You would sell a zillion units if you came down to earth and offered all your products for a fraction of the price. Then everyone across the world could afford it and use it and create beautiful things.


  6. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts on Muse with us.

    We wanted to provide some information that should help address some of your concerns.

    Muse will be available by subscription at a rate of US$14.99 per month (for an annual commitment).

    In Beta as well as once Muse is available via subscription, you have the choice of either hosting your site with Adobe (for $9/month) or exporting your site as HTML and hosting it with any provider you like.
    To export your site for hosting with a provider of your choice simply select File > Export as HTML… and then you can FTP your site to your provider.

    The pricing is outlined in more detail on our website:

Russell Brady

Russell Brady is director, campaign marketing at Adobe – supporting Document Cloud. He is a 15 year veteran at Adobe, working primarily in communications on behalf of Adobe’s creative products. Russell also worked in public relations for eBay and Apple.

Russell Brady