Adobe earns tenth LEED-Platinum certification

Adobe recently received its tenth LEED-Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the company’s Waltham, Mass, office.  It’s an achievement we’re all very proud of and I want to congratulate the Waltham facilities team and our building management firm, Cushman & Wakefield, on their creative ways of boosting our sustainability, including:

  • A “retention pond” which naturally filters runoff water from the parking garage and building site to protect the nearby Cambridge Reservoir
  • Carpet and tile made of 80% recycled product
  • “Light harvesting” to control the dimness/brightness of interior lights and motion sensors to save energy
  • Use of sustainable eucalyptus and walnut wood throughout the space
  • Rock blasted to make the foundation was ground down and reused for landscaping
  • Waterless urinals and touch-less faucets
  • Using Adobe products to reduce paper consumption by 75 percent

Also notable is the Waltham team’s achievement of an Energy Star score of 97 and increased recycling rate to 87 percent compared to the City of Boston’s recycling rate at 13 percent.

Adobe’s employees worldwide contribute daily to the sustainability of our operations, and they recognize “good enough is not good enough.” We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to meet today’s environmental challenges.  There’s plenty more we can all easily do every day, so here’s my challenge to companies and individuals alike – – – Recycle.  Compost.  Use sustainable building materials.  Flip off the electricity when you don’t need it.   Get creative and share your learning with others.  Together we can take the strides necessary to make a meaningful contribution.


  1. Matt Rozen

    Hi Jim,
    Are you having issues that need a support person? I’d recommend you send an mail to with a rundown of your issue and they may be able to help resolve.

  2. Stephen Ford

    I am a Trustee of a new Hospice for those with terminal cancer. We are located in Motril, Southern Spain. Our group is composed of both Brits and locals. We need to raise a large sum of money to bring our vision into existence and naturally one of our key tools will be our website. I´ve already developed a website using Dreamweaver (trial download) I am obviously not a student but do you offer a promotion for charities such as ourselves I am more than willing to give Adobe credit on our website.
    Stephen Ford FCA

  3. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for your note and the great work you are doing.

    Adobe provides software donations for international nonprofits and schools. Here’s more information on our international software distribution partner, Gifts in Kind International’s website:

  4. K.Smith

    I am very impressed by the recognition your Waltham, Mass office has been awarded. In today’s current world state it is very important to take saving the planet seriously. The “Light harvesting” to control your energy saving facility is a wonderful idea. Is it implemented in other facilities? I know there are several acquaintances I know that have had this installed in their homes as well. It is a wonderful idea; I myself forget to turn off lights now and again.
    I also thought it was great that you are using recycled product. I didn’t even know such an item exists but I will be looking in to it. By any chance is this something you ordered special? I really do believe this is the way all business should go, it is simple and clean.
    In my place of employment we also are trying to do our part with going Green. Our facility also has had waterless urinals and touch-less faucets put in. It has saved so much in water waste as well as cost for the company. They have also taken steps to recycle all available items in our plant and office areas.
    I applaud you Adobe and hope you continue all your efforts with helping in saving our planet. It matters now and it will matter even more to our future generations. We as humans need to do what we can when we can.

  5. Pooja Prasad

    Hi, thank you for the comments! It’s great to hear that your company too has engaged in some Green best practices.