Innovation Perspective: John Warnock

This video is the first in a series of conversations about innovation with leaders in technology, and our first guest is John Warnock. With his long time business partner Chuck Geschke, John was co-founder of Adobe, inventor of PostScript, and recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, one of the nation’s highest honors bestowed on scientists, engineers and inventors. John and Chuck also were recently awarded the Marconi Prize, considered the highest honor specifically for contributions to information science and communications.


  1. Barbara Bear

    So nice to hear continued optimism and innovation from someone who feels like an old friend.

  2. Sandor Simonkovics

    It’s refreshing to listen someone with a mild tone of voice, thoughs and insights, like John Warnock. “Half artist, half technologist”, a real management intellectual.Sharp contrast with some of the industry’s self proclaimed leaders. Loved this interview.

  3. Trajan Weaver

    In 1984 I designed coupons for a direct mail firm. I loved Pagemaker 1.0 and above. Why can’t some of us stick with the old programs and be forever happy in our world. New computers force us to upgrade and in upgrading we lose the ability to do what we are used to. For example, If I upgraded to a Mac now, I would have to buy indesign just to make up a simple coupon layout form for a client.