Stop Motion Animation Webinar Archived Online!

A huge thank you goes out to Gregg Witkin & Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, Adobe Youth Voices lead educators, for making last week’s stop motion animation webinar a success!

If you missed the webinar, or you want to go back and review what you’ve learned, we have archived the material online.

You can watch a video of the webinar presentation in Adobe Connect.

You can also follow along with the stop-motion animation presentation used in the video.

And don’t miss these great stop motion animation films, used as examples in the webinar:

Don’t forget to bookmark this page if you want to come back to the webinar later, or pass it on to any educators you know!

Stop Motion Animation Webinar


  1. Dan Richards

    Hi Adobe,

    Thanks for the Webinar and choosing Stop-Motion as the subject for your first topic. I stayed at work until 8.30pm to watch it UK time, as it was great to hear the US approach to animation education.

    My organisation Animate & Create focuses on animation education and has made over 200 animated films with young people here in England. We are about to start our first Adobe Youth Voice project in two weeks time so was impressed to see a Webinar which I thought outlined the basics in a really exciting presentation.

    We’ve produced a few ‘How To’ animation videos which can be found in the resource section of our website for those who are interested.

    Thanks again Adobe and Good Luck to all the young animators around the world!

    Thanks again

    Dan Richards
    Animate & Create

  2. Matt Rozen

    Thanks for supplying a resource for all of our readers! May I suggest you also upload a story about your project to This community stories site is just getting underway and we’d love to have you take part.


  3. Dan Richards

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the link to Adobe stories.

    I wrote a story abotu Animate & Create work and attached images and links over a week ago on but haven’t seen it published online or been notified. I wrote a lot of stuff and uploaded lots of images, so it’s a shame if it’s been lost.

    Our current AYV project is going well, we’re keeping a blog in the UK groups section.

    Thanks again

    Animate & Create

  4. Matt Rozen

    Hi Dan,

    Great that you uploaded a story! Hope to have that live very soon and will re-up another reply here once it is.