Adobe Releases Intraquarter Update; Announces New Strategy

The following press releases crossed the wire today:

Adobe Reaffirms Fourth Quarter FY2011 Revenue Target, Restructures to Align Business around Digital Media, Digital Marketing


Adobe to Outline Growth Strategy at Financial Analyst Meeting

For more insight and information, watch the Financial Analyst meeting on Wed 11/9.


  1. riku

    Adobe betrayed the user.
    Therefore, this report is not reliable, either.
    It became impossible for an I . user to trust Adobe entirely regarding a mobile version Flash Player development stop.
    You should withdraw this absolutely.
    Otherwise, I cannot get interested whatever Adobe may do.
    The mobile version Flash Player needs to be developed absolutely.

  2. takeo

    It is opposed to HTML5 rapid development.
    A user’s reliance will be betrayed from the basis.
    You should continue the mobile version development at least of Flash Player.

  3. speed

    Adobe makes a fool of a user completely. He does not buy the goods of HTML5 of Adobe by any means. You should see a user first.