Adobe Reader and EchoSign: one step closer to making e-signatures universal

client-logo-echosignToday, we are excited to reveal another major milestone in the integration of Adobe EchoSign technology with Adobe’s document solutions and services. Now, Adobe Reader users will be able to send PDF files to be signed from within the application as well as sign documents electronically themselves, making it easier than ever for businesses to “seal the deal” and keep up with the demands of a growing mobile workforce.  The new update makes Adobe Reader a one-stop shop for electronic signatures. Read more about it on the Acrobat Solutions blog.


  1. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Nisha,

    Thanks for your interest in EchoSign. We realize this is a key capability and we are actively working on the product roadmap – stay tuned.


  2. Brad Nease

    As a long time user and former Graphics Software Systems Analyst working for the interests of companies such as Walt Disney World, in which an associate and myself modeled an entire server based graphic design production facility, and singularly the analyst and systems development contractor for Home Shopping Network, Arthur Andersen (the ethical part, I hope),, the design departments of 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children, located throughout the North American continent; I am stymied. After facilitating over 2-million dollars of sales for a company whose technical support team knew me by name, how is it that after countless hours of listening to customer and technical support personnel attempt to help me, at great and wasteful corporate expense to Adobe Systems, with either a problem that is far beyond their capacity to grasp, or a cataclysmic failure that is known, but kept from this sub-tier level due to there lack of understanding that one Public Relations disaster caused by an overheard conversation can devalue corporate stock at higher that Mach speed. Adobe Systems Vice-Presidents, Managers, it is far too easy to detect the low qualification standards for individuals who act as customer and technical support liaisons for the single customer; after all, don’t most customers think Adobe is the name of a “secure” PDF program? Aren’t most home customers ignorant that one small Illustrator file when opened by a text editor, suddenly erupts into 500 to 1,000 pages or more of PostScript language that can be edited to remove offending characters, so that their masterpiece of “borrowed” vector art will print on the company’s $30,000 print server/color laser printer? I see your logic: why not hand these customers to a tech support person who has just enough knowledge and ability to mesh with the intellectual capabilities of the 90 percent of Adobe customers who have either purchased or borrowed Adobe software for the sole reason to impress friends and open one of the programs occassionally to see what real Adobe professional’s use to make their living. I am past fed-up, and working my way quickly towards livid, when faced with customer service/technical support personnel, who are equivalent, as they know so little, I would suggest that you reassign them to support for customers currently enrolled in the middle school customer base. Come on, these support personnel may be inexpensive, but your problem is that it shows. Is “hierarchy” a word unfamiliar to you? Test some of your tech support team. When you hear the reply, ” I am not sure I follow…,” frustrating when explaining that you replaced your system drive with a newly purchased hard drive, installed a fresh operating system and the necessary upgrades including the original boxed version of Master Collection CS 5, the upgrade to Master Collection CS 5.5, inserting the proper serial numbers and testing the recently installed Master Collection software. All was fine. When attempting to install the Adobe Master Collection CS 6, I used fresh copies via download on my 40Mb/sec Internet Connection. When attempting to install CS 6, it fails; what do you recommend I do next?” Silence, then the reply, “I am not sure I follow…blah, blah, blah.” I am almost sure I could hear a dinner plate spinning in the background. Call me, you have all my infor mation; if not, wander down the several floors and into the pleasantly light-yellow painted room with letters cut out of construction paper that reads “Hi, Welcome to Customer and Technical Service for the Customers that make Adobe a Happy and Healthy Place!” Step in, watching out for the blocks, and ask if anyone recognizes that mean ‘ol man who asked you hard questions that hurt your feelings! You are now in what the Vice-President (who sells more stock based on his income than any other VP in the company) calls the “escalation room!”

  3. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Brad,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We appreciate the feedback and apologize for the poor experience you’ve had. We have escalated your case, and a member from our support team will be in touch with you soon at the email address you provided to help resolve your questions around CS6.

    We appreciate your patience.