Aspire Awards Webinar Is Archived Online

Earlier this week, educators around the globe attended a webinar that focused on ways to produce high quality media on a limited budget. The webinar aimed at helping educators and their students produce polished & professional looking media that would be competitive in the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards.

The tutorial was presented by Patricia Cogley, Adobe Youth Voices Program Manager, along with Adam Shaening-Pokrasso, a San Francisco-based video producer and media artist who has been a member of the Adobe Youth Voices community for several years. Attendance in the webinar was free of cost and open to all members of the Adobe Youth Voices Essentials network.

Patricia Cogley & Adam Shaening-Pokrasso

This week’s webinar is now archived online, and we invite everyone to tune in, and to pass it on to any educators or youth media mentors in your network.

You can view the recorded webinar in your browser, and view, save & print the PDF version of the slides used in the tutorial.

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We also invite you to learn more about the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards and find out how you and your students can participate.