Celebrating 13 Years on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies List

One of the highest compliments that we could receive is an Adobe employee who says our company is a great place to work. That’s exactly what’s happened today – on an immense scale. For the 13th time, Adobe has made FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work for list. We ranked 41, a 59 percent improvement over last year’s ranking.

Given the quality and number of companies considered for this list, I couldn’t be more proud and humbled by this recognition. It’s a direct reflection of our incredible employees and the enthusiasm they bring to work every day. Although Adobe has grown and changed significantly since its founding nearly 30 years ago, our values and commitment to creating a great place to work remain constant.

When I learned about our ranking on the list, I paused to think about what I like best about working for Adobe… I have to say it’s our 10,000 creative, passionate and innovative employees. Read what other Adobe employees have to say about working here on the Life@Adobe blog.


  1. Coy Everage

    I am trying to reach the Adobe Corp. headquarters or someone with authority. I have placed two orders with your company for software. One order in Nov 2011 for download and one on March 19 2012. The order in Nov took approx. three weeks to receive a simple download link and the order from 19 March is headed the same way. While I must say that your company’s products are outstanding, your customer service is by far the worst I have ever seen. I deal with many companies all around the world, on a daily basis, and I have NEVER seen such incompetence. I am not saying this because I am upset or ranting. I say this because I do not believe for one second that the president or board of directors is aware of it. Very disappointing. I am looking for other alternatives and am encouraging my friends to do so as well.


    Coy Everage

  2. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Coy,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, and I apologize for the delays in your orders. I’ve been notified that your March order has been approved and is now ready for download.

    If you need further assistance, let us know.

    Appreciate your patience.


Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Customer and Employee Experience

“Disrupt or be disrupted” is Donna’s rallying cry. From abolishing Adobe’s annual performance reviews to dramatically expanding its family leave policy, she has set the industry agenda while making Adobe a great place to work. She leads the product, customer service, and technical support experience for all Adobe products, in addition to all aspects of human resources and the workplace. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Carleton University, and her “north of the border” accent gives her away as a native of Ottawa, Canada. If Donna were not at Adobe, she would have a home decorating show on HGTV.

Donna Morris, Executive Vice President, Customer and Employee Experience