Adobe Marks Latest Energy Milestone with San Francisco Fuel Cell Installation

Today at the GreenBiz Forum 12 in San Francisco, Adobe announced another step toward becoming Net Zero with the installation of two-200 kilowatt Bloom Energy fuel cells at our San Francisco offices. The fuel cells are expected to provide 35 percent of Adobe SF’s on-site power needs, the equivalent of powering 320 homes.  Net Zero buildings can be independent from the energy grid supply and have zero carbon emissions annually.

Fuel cells offer a high level of efficiency by reducing power lost in traditional energy transmission. Today’s news marks Adobe’s third major renewable energy installation.  At our San Jose headquarters, we installed 12-100 kilowatt Bloom boxes in the summer of 2010, which provide 30 percent of Adobe SJ’s total power.  In December 2009, we installed 20 Windspires, which harness wind power to generate clean electric energy on-site.

With the completion of this project, Adobe remains on the forefront of incorporating impactful, leading-edge clean technologies to our operations in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. Over the next 10 years, Adobe expects to reduce its carbon footprint by approximately 121.5 million pounds, the equivalent of taking 1,810 compact cars off the road annually.


  1. Pooja Prasad

    Hi, thanks for your comment. Good news indeed! In reply to your question, the fuel comes from a landfill in Pennsylvania.

  2. Eric

    Will Adobe provide periodic (or live?) information on how much they are producing over time?

    Same goes for the Windspires, I’d be very interested to know how those are working out.


  3. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Eric! Thanks for the questions.

    We do not have plans to publish the performance from the fuel cells. As for the Windspires, they are designed to provide 1500 watts each at peak power and total output varies by wind speed.