Our Last Day at Sundance – Modern Storytelling with Vincent Laforet

Yesterday, we finished up our week long trip to Sundance as a Leadership Sponsor. Sundance gave us a great opportunity to not only meet talented filmmakers and editors who use our tools every day, but have great conversations with fellow attendees who are just as passionate about the art of filmmaking as we are. 

We wrapped up our last day with a deep dive, titled “Modern Storytelling,” with Vincent Laforet. Not only did Vincent share some of his greatest photographs and commercials with an engaged audience, but he also gave candid explanations of stories behind each piece of work, tips on tools, best mobile apps to use for photography, and editing techniques. He shared behind-the-scenes making videos of a few commercials, his techniques and learnings, and lastly, how it all come together in the final product. Thanks to Vincent for his valuable time. You can see more of his work here.

Sundance, it’s been fun. Thanks to all of you who followed our journey along with us on social media. We’ll share a few more videos with you in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Until next year…!