Bree Falato Helps Samsung Invest In Education

Bree Falato, a Samsung employee for five years, was thrilled when she had the opportunity to move into the field of corporate social responsibility two years ago. “I love what I do, “ says Bree. “I think I am lucky. I actually campaigned for this position. I get to work with charities, and I get to work with kids, and I have the opportunity to attend events around the country. It’s rewarding work.”

Bree Falato

According to Bree, supporting technology and creative education aligns with Samsung’s social responsibility mission in a big way. Samsung’s education program, called Solve for Tomorrow, invests approximately $1 million dollars to school across the country.

Says Bree of her involvement with Solve For Tomorrow, “I am impacted all the time by the response we get from the students and the teachers, they are so grateful to have this technology. I think that bringing this into the classroom helps create an even playing field. One teacher broke down crying when she heard she was going to receive a grant. You don’t realize how much it is going to change their school, but when you hear the emotion in their voice you realize how much this means to the teachers and students who are touched by our education programs.”

Adobe, who has partnered with Samsung in this initiative, provides software licenses to schools within the program. This was a natural segue for Samsung and Adobe Youth Voices to work together in the Aspire Awards. Says Bree of the awards, “It really aligns with our mission of getting technology into the hands of students, and integrating this technology into the classroom curriculum to enhance learning.”

Bree is excited about Samsung’s partnership with Adobe Youth Voices in supporting the Aspire Awards, and she is looking forward to seeing the creative approaches to media making submitted by youth around the globe.