Michele Glaze On Corporate Philanthropy & Digital Storytelling

Adobe Youth Voices recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Michele Glaze, regional giving manager at Dell, Inc. for North America. Michele has been “powering the possible” at Dell for over 14 years, working with a wide variety of business partners, managing employee giving and encouraging the spirit of volunteerism.

Michele Glaze

Michele, whose background is in public relations, loves working in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility at Dell, and in her personal life she is also a passionate advocate for community service. “Getting involved and giving back is something I have been involved with all my life,” says Michele, a longtime volunteer with the United Way. “I’m focused on creating change and bringing audiences together, finding innovative charities that are closing the technology gap and bringing Dell’s resources to support the mission.”

Dell partnered with Adobe Youth Voice to support the Aspire Awards. Supporting technology and creative education is a perfect fit for Dell’s social responsibility mission. “Our mission is to help underserved communities,” says Michele. “Adobe Youth Voices is all about empowering young people, we’re about the same thing.”

Michele also believes that technology in the hand of the child is useless unless the child understands the technology and how to unleash the power within. “At Dell, we feel technology education is key. We’ve seen in our work with our partners that children love to develop their communication skills through the medium of digital technology.”

Michele Glaze

Says Michele of the changing technological landscape: “Watching the trends over the last four years, as well as my son’s relationship with social media and digital technology, now I really understand how impactful the field of digital technology can be and how natural it is for the younger generations to integrate it into their lives.” She says that the need for understanding how to use technology fundamentals will make storytelling more powerful.

Another way in which digital storytelling hit home for Michele was when she watched the famous “last words” of Randy Pausch, a former Adobe employee and Carnegie Mellon professor who recorded his final lecture and published it to YouTube shortly before he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. The video, which has earned over 14 million views to date, offered inspirational life lessons and personal anecdotes delivered with humor and courage. “That’s the power of YouTube,” says Michele, who was deeply moved by the lecture. “I get to learn so much from people I’ve never met.”

Watch the video that inspired Michele, and tell us how digital storytelling has impacted your life!