Recap of ADSC Twitterview with Johann Zimmern

twitterviewThanks for joining our Twitterview with Johann Zimmern last Friday. If you didn’t have a chance to attend or ask a question, please find below a recap of the entire Q & A session. Johann was able to answer a series of questions regarding the Adobe Digital School Collection.

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Adobe Education:  “Welcome to our #ADSC Twitterview w/ Johann Zimmern! Thanks 4 joining!”

Q1: We’ll kick things off w/ a question we get quite often: How do you cut something out of one photo and put it on another? #ADSC

  • A2: The selection tool is great for this type of task. Great video on selections tool here: #ADSC”
  • A2: Another video on using manual selection tools to isolate an area of your image for making local adjustments #ADSC

Q2: What’s new with #ADSC? Products or pricing?

  • A2: #ADSC is now available in 50 and 100 packs for schools

Q3: What is the prime reason I should upgrade to Photoshop Elements 10? #ADSC

  • A3: Top new features in Photoshop Elements = Paint Effects onto to specific photo add curving, flowing text (con’t)
  • A3: (con’t) or tag using Facebook friend’s list & upload images via YouTube from the organizer
  • A3: My favorite feature in Photoshop Elements is the Photomerge Group Shot feature. Perfect for getting the right smiles on everyone! #ADSC

Q4: Why should I upgrade to Premiere Elements 10? #ADSC

  • A4: Great Questions – Unified organizer, support for the latest image & video standards, new selection tools…#ADSC
  • A4: (con’t) improved performance, mobile media capabilities, social media integration #ADSC
  • A4: Premiere Elements 10 renders so much faster! #ADSC
  • A4: Support for latest video standards is important. You never know what cameras students will have at home. #ADSC

Q5: Thinking about updating my software to this decade. Will PS Elements be enough for web graphics, logos, and photo edits? #ADSC

  • A5: Yes, Elements will do the job but you might check out the Adobe Fireworks CS5 that specializes in Web graphics. #ADSC

Q6: What are some good starting tutorials for Premiere Elements? #ADSC

  • A6: Premiere Elements tutorials are available free via Adobe TV. #ADSC

Q7: We have a lot of choir here when you talk about #ADSC. I’m mainly on Windows. Anyone use #Elements on Mac? Seeing any difference?

  • A7: Virtually no difference from Windows to Mac, now that Mac has Organizer. The Slideshow in PSE is only for Windows, tho. #ADSC”
  • @tekcoord:  “@ldickes The #Organizer in #ADSC is great. I love that it handles almost any media form.”

Q8: Is there a tutorial somewhere on creating time-lapse video from a series of images in Premiere Elements? #ADSC”

  • A8: Check out the help documentation “Capture stop-motion & time-lapse video” here #ADSC
  • A8: It is amazingly easy. Take pictures. Drop them in the timeline. Select all. Reduce time to 1/30th of a second each. Render.

Q9: Our question for you… Are you using Acrobat X for ePortfolios #ADSC

  • A9: I use Acrobat X ePortfolios to send multiple PDFs in a single file. Pretty slick. #ADSC
  • A9: Yes! Using Acrobat Pro for ePortfolios! And not only for students – I use the heck out of them to organize my own content. #ADSC
  • A9: Yes, use Acrobat X for ePortfolio and also ask students to create them in various classes. #ADSC
  • A9: ADSC Here is an article I wrote on creating tenure portfolios with Acrobat 8, and X makes much easier,
  • A9: ADSC Using Acrobat X for all presentations insures audience will have no trouble playing or viewing. Best product for sharing presentations