Want to Connect with Us?

How we connect with you, our customers, sure has changed a lot over the years. Snail mail and phones led to emails and web forms – and now Twitter, Facebook, blogs and even Instagram are the social communications tools du jour. There are so many different places we can chat that we thought it would be good to gather a public list of our main social channels. These are the top “corporate” (for lack of a better term) accounts where you can learn what Adobe is doing, connect with others in the Adobe community, and ask us questions. Remember that you can also find your favorite products on social channels too – just do a quick search.

Let’s talk! (And share, and chat, and send images, and post videos…)


Adobe on Facebook

  • We’ve rolled out the new Facebook timeline and have a couple of cool new apps to check out, including CS6 Sneak Peek videos. We’ve also enabled Direct Messaging on the Page so if you are on Facebook and have a question for us, send it to us directly for a quicker response.

Adobe on Twitter

  • We are online and ready to chat from 9am – 6pm PT Monday-Friday.

Adobe on Linkedin

  • Right now our LinkedIn presence focuses on job opportunities and life at Adobe from the perspective of employees, but we’re currently updating it to include a ‘Products and Services’ tab as well.


  • Do you live in your gmail account? We’re starting to up our Google+ activity so be sure to add us to one of your circles.


  • Like to watch? We have videos of products and people and events. We’re also in the process of redesigning our channel, so stay tuned…


  • We find all sorts of things pinteresting, with a focus on design, web, video, photography and more – it’s all the great things you’re creating. Check out our boards.


  • It isn’t just for iOS anymore. Now that Instagram is on Android, most of the world can share their real-time photos. We share photos that give an inside look at Adobe — backstage at events, Adobe staffers, even lovely pics of our cafe. Join our stream, yes? We’re easy to find – look for “Adobe”. :-]


  1. Bojan Živković

    I connected through almost every mentioned service but most effective connection and up to date informations from Adobe I am receiving through rss reader which is best way to receive informations all in one place.

  2. Gary Yocum

    I am a retired high school principal and currently teaching as an adjunct professor for Cabrini College. I believe I qualify for the education discount. I currently use Acrobat Pro X.

    I would like to purchase the new Acrobat XI but would like to know if there is any difference between the student/teacher edition and the regular edition of the program. Or are they really the same program with just a version of the program offered at a lower price for educators.

  3. Pooja Prasad

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for writing us. The Student and Teacher version of Acrobat XI is identical to the retail, just with a lower price point for educators.


Matt Rozen. @mattyroze

Matt is director of brand publishing at Adobe. His team creates content (articles, videos, podcasts and more) for Adobe’s primary editorial site, helping groups across the company tell their product and customer stories in ways that best serve the brand narrative. Previously, Matt led Brand Social Media and he still consults on creative programs and experiences to grow community and affinity.

Matt Rozen. @mattyroze