Your Adobe Stories Making Our Headlines

When we re-launched our Adobe Stories site with the question ‘why do you create?’, we had no idea what kinds of tales we’d get or how “global” the stories would be. Well this one, from Martin Ngugi (artist mchoraji) got our attention immediately. He is from Nairobi, Kenya and born without forearms. For me, his work jumps off the screen and has a spark of “aliveness” that makes me want to see more…and we can! Check out more digital drawings on Facebook. Below is an image from the stories site, as well as part 1 of a local news piece on Martin.

Interested in writing your own story? We’d love to read it (or watch) it, and maybe we can promote it too. Martin’s story is just the first of the stories we’ll share with the community on this blog, on Twitter and Facebook. So keep checking back!