AYV Live! 2012 Comes To The West Coast

Over the last week, Adobe Youth Voices has celebrated three AYV Live! events in Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose. This was a special year for the celebrations, with audience turnout exceeding all previous years.

One thing that remained the same, however, was the excitement that students expressed at being able to showcase a year’s worth of hard work to their friends and family.

AYV Live Seattle 2012

“What I was most excited about this year is how the teachers and students have grown from our experience of working together,” says Marisa Vitiello, an Adobe Youth Voices lead educator, of the Seattle event. “The films are more creative and there is more attention to craft, without losing that essential youth voice. I’m so proud of these young people, and I continue to be impressed by their teachers who are so dedicated to the craft of teaching and to their students.”

AYV Live San Francisco 2012

The projects showcased in the Bay Area also raised the bar. “The messages this year were so positive,” reports Alex Yamamoto, program manager for Adobe Youth Voices. “I am glad to see that students are taking their work to the next level: they are not just tackling difficult issues, but they are taking the time to come up with solutions and present those solutions in their films.”

AYV Live San Francisco 2012

Several more AYV Live! celebrations will be held across North America in the coming weeks, from Chicago, Ottawa and Toronto to Boston and New York City. As end-of-year projects are submitted, they will be uploaded to the Youth Media Gallery – so check back often for more great youth produced media!

AYV Live San Jose 2012