Kane Milne: Helping Students Tell Their Stories

When Kane Milne became a facilitator for the Adobe Youth Voices program, he was working as a director of the only Intel Computer Clubhouse in New Zealand. Over the last several years he has overseen the expansion of the program, and now New Zealand boasts five Computer Clubhouses. Kane oversees the Adobe Youth Voices program at each site.

Kane Milne

“I learn as much as anyone in the program,” says Kane of his involvement with Adobe Youth Voices. “Being able to lead youth through the creative process and seeing their imagination ignite, and them get a real sense of empowerment is awesome.”

The programs work primarily with youth from New Zealand’s Maori community, and other students of Pacific Islander descent. “As with a lot of marginalized communities, the way we are portrayed in the mainstream media doesn’t often reflect the reality the members see each day.”

Kane believes the biggest strength of the Adobe Youth Voices program hasn’t been the way it reaches youth, but rather the way it has given youth an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and tell the stories which the media has overlooked.

Kane describes himself as a lifelong learner, and spends his free time with his family, playing music and practicing his craft as a photographer. He is also volunteering as a judge for the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards, another opportunity for Kane to support young people in telling their stories on the world stage.