Adobe Announces Adobe Connect 9

adobe-connect-9It’s wonderful to see all of the innovation happening across different product lines at Adobe. It’s even better when products can leverage and build on innovation from other parts of the company.

Today, Adobe announced the next release of Adobe Connect and Adobe Connect Mobile. Version 9 of Adobe Connect brings a strong focus on helping customers produce engaging webinars. Part of the release incorporates technology from other divisions to help solve customer problems.

Adobe Connect has always provided customers with an incredibly rich solution for marketing webinars. However, the live event is only part of producing a webinar. Customers want to promote their events using social media. They want to create landing pages to increase interest and register unknown users. They need to measure the success of their events and marketing campaigns.

The Adobe Connect team recognized that Adobe has been helping customers solve similar problems in other parts of the organization.

Adobe Connect 9 integrates Adobe CQ5 to ensure that customers can create stunning, and fully customizable micro-sites for promoting their events and registering users. The technology is also leveraged for email invitations, reminders and follow-ups to ensure consistency.

On the back-end, Adobe SiteCatalyst is used as an analytics engine to provide valuable feedback to marketers in terms of which marketing campaigns were most successful in driving people to the event. The same technology also helps organizations optimize every aspect of future webinars.

Adobe Connect Mobile in turn has leveraged Adobe’s advances in mobile authoring tools. Version 2.0 enables true device to device collaboration – giving meeting hosts the ability to manage virtually every aspect of a meeting room, virtual classroom or webinar. Meeting hosts can share documents, annotate whiteboards and other content, and manage the meeting from their tablet or smartphone.

Adobe Connect 9 is a great example of combining technologies from several parts of the organization to help customers solve problems.